RIP Chad Varah.
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The Rev Dr Chad Varah, founder of the samaritans (which also runs befrienders worldwide), has died.

Suicide support helplines - worldwide.
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What a delightful and thoroughly decent man he was.

From his obituary:

Varah's battle for well-informed sex education continued into his eighties: in 1992 he founded, and from 1999 was secretary of, MAGMOG (Men against Genital Mutilation of Girls), going into the homes of immigrants from East Africa to convince them of the pointless cruelty of the practice.

I never knew that. What an excellent person.
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What a life well lived. Blessings as you go.
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Note: I was going to comment on magmog, but could find NOTHING on the google. Any hints?
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I'm glad he was born, lived such a good life and grateful for the help he offered so many who were so vulnerable. May he rest in peace.

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Thanks, Chad.

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Is it just me or is the name "Chad" now stand in for "average joe/ average shmuck"?

I find this irritating, as my name is Chad.
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That's so depressing, it makes me want to .. no, wait!

He did indeed do great things with his life for other people. We could do with more like him.
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