Fear of Girls: Episode 2
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Fear of Girls: Episode 2 returns with the aftermath of Episode 1.
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Episode Three: Shooting Fish in a Barrel
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It's decent. The individuals jokes are pretty funny but, like the first episode, it's not subtle enough. I wish the acting was a little more restrained.

Worse, the documentary feel broke down a lot. Too many different shots to break up the continuity. I'm sure it's easier to shoot that way, but if the viewer is constantly reminded that it's not really a documentary it makes the over-the-top quality more obvious.

Still, it's good for amateur filmmaking.
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This is hilarious. Goddamn hilarious.
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Yeah, uh, fifty-eight whole seconds. Stereotypes are trite funny!

(On the other hand, this is easily good enough to get these guys on SNL. Striking writers, tremble: crap on YouTube is virtually indistinguishable from crap on real TV.)
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I guess that's a good reason I haven't watched SNL since the original cast left.
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I watched both episodes and honestly, I didn't find it very funny, at all. It seemed like a mildly mean spirited string of nerd stereotypes. Nothing here is particularly clever. Maybe if the story was stronger, or the characters had some interesting traits, or if there was some sense of irony or self-defacing humor...

I did laugh once. The part in the first episode where Doug and his brother are praying at the same time. The whole segment with his brother wasn't too bad.

The sad part is that there's some excellent production here, and the actors are all really good (if a bit over the top). It just seems wasted on a poorly conceived story with no refinement of the "humor."

Honestly, I think having someone sitting in front of camera saying things like, "ha ha... aren't nerds funny? Like... how they're all freaked out by girls, and they're all fat... and play those D and D games an stuff... ha ha that's funny.." would be just as funny as this was.
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