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WFMU's The Hound has been delighting record geeks for the past few decades with sets of some of the wildest, wooliest rockabilly, R&B, blues, gospel, garage rock, and punk that can be dug out of crates. His site offers full podcasts, and individual mp3's under the show links, and organized by artist, and title. Bo Diddley singing to Kruschev! Blues songs about the Kinsey report! The Cashmere's talking about the hop! Brownie McGee singing about baseball's integration! Roughly 4 million variations on 'The Twist!' And that;s just the tip of this glorious iceberg.

The music is presented without museum piece reverence and with humor and style. This must be what the glory days of rock and roll radio were like. Audio quality is mediocre, but the file sizes are small, but that only makes it more like hearing it on the radio, right? You want this stuff, even if you don't know it yet. Enjoy.
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Cool, I love the Hound. 13th Floor Elevators, Charlie Feathers, The Everly Brothers... this is great. Plus, hundreds of artists I've never even heard of. Like "The Del-Vikings," "Gar Bacon," "The Inconceivables," "The Reekers."

I think band names have really started to slide downhill compared to these, personally.
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This looks good. I found a compilation disk a while back called Songs We Taught the Detroit Cobras. It has all the original recordings of the songs the Detroit Cobras cover. Another comp I've been getting into is a collection of songs that inspired Lux and Ivy. It looks like many of those songs can be found on this site.
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Like "The Del-Vikings,..."

"Come Go With Me", one of my all-time favorites, but I'm an oldster. Thanks for this link. I can't wait to explore.
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"Come Go With Me", one of my all-time favorites, but I'm an oldster.

"Whispering Bells" ain't bad either.
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Ooh! Ooh! Sir Douglas Quintet! I love Doug Sahm. I gotta go. I'm gonna be busy for a while...
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You're obviously about a mover, wafaa.
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Some previous houndness on metafilter from mwhybark, but it's always nice to be reminded of the site, jonmc.
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How is it that a nation of some 300 million people can only support ONE truly great radio station? WFMU FTW.
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April 25, 1987. Special Guest...his majesty, Handsome Dick Manitoba.
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Heh. About every six months, someone sends me a link to the Hound, usually with some sort of "I think you'd really like this!"

Yeah, I've been listening for years (ever since FMU started streaming), and I still haven't waded through even half of the archives.

Great stuff. Current favorite is The Pharoahs doing "Have Love, Will Travel." I especially like the ambiguity in the line "If you need a lovin' man, will/we'll travel," because I like the thought of a traveling band of guys providin' good loving.
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I have had occasion to correspond with the curator of the Hound site since my old post and he's always expressed delight in the interest folks show to these projects.

A pal of mine who lived in pre-Katrina NOLA alleges that the Hound owns (or owned) a bar down yonder.
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Fuckin A! jon -- excellent
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