"we upheld against proportionality attack a sentence of 40 years' imprisonment for possession with intent to distribute nine ounces of marijuana" - Justice Kennedy
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DrugPolicyCases.com - Yakov Spektor, a New York-based attorney, combed through two decades of US Supreme Court opinions "to discern certain trends in the Court's treatment of various issues" related to the War on Drugs. The collection of opinions are organized by case, author and topic.
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I'm sorry, but someone has to: For Yakov Spektor, TRENDS discern YOU.
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I was wondering how long that would take. Good form, sir!
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There is plenty of reputable evidence that marijuana actually has medical value and has a low potential of abuse.

Humm "a low potential for abuse" you say. Tell it to the judge, brother.
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Great link, still reading through a lot of it. Thanks! ;)
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I think that's what he's doing with these papers.
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This is fascinating reading, and must've been a tremendous amount of work to put together.
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Good stuff. One minor complaint is that he breaks the text up in to too many chunks (only 5 quotes per page).

I'm sure this site will be worth another visit when I have criminal law next semester.
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while it is obvious that liberties have been curtailed in the name of wars on drugs and terrorism, and while this is an excellent attempt to categorize these rulings, i was disappointed that the author did not make a summary, or a time-line, of what it all means. just what have we lost, when and by whom?

it should be noted, high-lighted, and expounded upon that justices appointed by 'freedom for the people' conservatives are the ones making the decisions that the people have too much freedom.

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