March 31, 2001
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This is quite possibly the single best deal ever offered on the web. And remember, at this price, the shipping is free!
posted by aaron (13 comments total)
Don't skimp on the things that really matter...
posted by Kikkoman at 12:03 AM on April 1, 2001

Damn pen better NEVER run out. I'll take 2.
posted by Neale at 12:13 AM on April 1, 2001

Hm, so what exactly is going on there? Obviously the wrong price is based on the item number, but why is the last digit an 8 instead of a 7?
posted by gluechunk at 12:16 AM on April 1, 2001

Huh...and here I am, believing all the media hype about dot-coms running out of cash...looks like found the answer to that trifling problem. you suppose if had charged $400K for a bag 'o food for Whiskers, it might still be around?
posted by davidmsc at 12:21 AM on April 1, 2001

well, it looks like whatever was linked is redirecting to their home page now. what was the deal?
posted by pnevares at 12:26 AM on April 1, 2001

Go to, enter 434937 in the search box.

posted by rmannion at 12:38 AM on April 1, 2001

Well, you do get a whole dozen pens for your money.

I dunno. Maybe they're to milspecs or something. :-)
posted by youhas at 12:40 AM on April 1, 2001

holy crap!

thanks rmannion :)
posted by pnevares at 12:40 AM on April 1, 2001

np. What a steal! I feel guilty about getting free shipping on it, too!
posted by rmannion at 3:08 AM on April 1, 2001

*insert Defense Department contracting joke here*
posted by allaboutgeorge at 4:39 AM on April 1, 2001

Hmmm... the Bic SoftFeel Jumbo Stic Ball Pen, Black, Dozen goes for what I consider to be a fairly reasonable $5.99

That's quite a premium just for blue ink (over 7,261,068 %)
posted by lagado at 5:22 AM on April 1, 2001

They only have to sell one, though.
posted by Dirjy at 7:58 AM on April 1, 2001

No good, though... I tried to order 50 and got this:

Commerce.MtsPipeline error '80070216'

[]Component Execution failed for component[0xB] hr: 0x80070216 ProgID: Commerce.RequiredOrderAdjustPrice.1 An overflow occurred; the system encountered a number too large or too small to handle.

/includes/globals/order_utilities.asp, line 209

...I wonder which one it was... a number too big, or a number too small.... good to see Microsoft never letting up on its organization-wide commitment to ambiguous error messages...
posted by Brewster at 8:57 AM on April 1, 2001

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