Obscure timelines and curiosities
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Artslynx's theatre resources section is a goldmine of links to research and support sites for every aspect of theatrical production and dramaturgy. Especially useful are the Artslynx timelines. Need to know when cling wrap came into usage? Check out the prop timeline. Lots of additional links to outside timelines and history sites for anyone with a thirst for obscure sociological information, a love of craptacularly designed scrolling pages, and generally and too much time on their hands. For example: food, fashion, ephemera, and people who have died onstage

caution: bad web design, scrolling scrolling scrolling, and a pop-up ad. I warned ya.
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The died on stage link goes to snopes, not artslynx. Do they have their own page on the subject somewhere?
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Hi nomisxid, the answer is no- if you reread my last two sentences (which might not have been very clearly written) I point out there are a slew of links to outside sources for timelines and related curiosities. That particular snopes link is one of them. It may only be a matter of time though. Who really knows how far a page can scroll?
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Even as a non-theater participant, I imagine that someday I will succumb to my desire to host a bizarre historical party. Until then, this post WILL make some interesting reading. Thank you!

Keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling.
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