I-resign.com - Don't leave work without it
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I-resign.com - Don't leave work without it Hey, I was scouting around for a short, sharp letter of resignation and I found this gem! Some of the resignation letters are hilarious (there's one in Morse code, another from an unborn child) and it looks like they've got sound advice for anyone who's looking for a better job. I'm going to mail this to the president. Do you think he'll take the hint?
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Wow, I stumbled upon this little site last week or so. At first I thought it was going to be solely a collection of witty "F - off" type letters, but I was very happy to find the resources and advice tucked away within. I found much of this site useful, as I'm younger than a lot of my colleagues, and have never been in a situation requiring my thoughts of resignation. I assumed there were proper procedures but I wasn't exposed to them before reading this site. Now...I just need to find a development job in this "dot com fallout economy" that will double my salary and give me more responsibility. Therein lies the challenge.
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