Tales of marrying the devil
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Did you ever hear the story / of Belinda O'McHugh / She was courted by the Devil / And she didn't know what to do / He came a courtin' ev'ry evenin' / So Belinda got to thinkin' / She would be the Devil's wife / It was better far than bein' / An old maid all her life
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There's also "Voodoo Queen Marie," done by The Holy Modal Rounders (Peter Stampfel sings a duet with Karen Dalton), and is about Marie Laveau. Can't find any links to the song, but it's great, one of my favorite HMR songs, possibly even favorite of all time. Don't know if it's adapted from an earlier folk work, it could very well be.

Love this stuff! Thanks for the post!!
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She started to scream for help but no one could hear her. She understood at once that she had married the devil himself, and that she was being punished for her arrogance. They say that the devil and the castle disappeared all at once. By pure luck, a hunter found Rosamada lying on the ground and took her back to the city. She ems sick six months with hot and cold chills and then she died, which always happens.


wtf Puerto Rico?
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Metafilter: Mighty queer things in these swamps. If'n I was you, I wouldn't stay a second longer.
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Metafilter: and then she died, which always happens.
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