Castles and more castles
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Castles of the World. British castles. Scottish castles. Castle floor plans. Castles on the web (no, not virtual castles).

Castles previously on MeFi: [1] [2]
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Ooh. They did that with tables. That's kind of cute.

My usual reservations re: British Castles apply - almost all of them were blown up by Oliver Cromwell, and anything rebuilt since then is more of a stately home or palace with a whimsical nod towards castlehood than an actual proper castle.
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Castles in the Sky.
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I went to Doune Castle several years ago, and indeed, they will give you coconuts to use on your tour of the grounds if you let them know you're a Monty Python fan. Great fun. Our Scottish hosts had never seen the movie and must have thought we were daft.
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Oooh castles, love visiting them, glad they aren't in use any more. The Dark Side of my family's castle, the dreaded Hermitage on the Scottish borderlands.

Like the word crenelations.

Apparently the earliest known castle is in the Loire Valley in northern France at Doue-la-Fontaine dated 950 and it is were [sic] feudal society originated.

I like the names of parts of the castle in one of your links. Wish it were more detailed though. This is a good pictorial dictionary of castle parts.
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