Celia Cruz
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A sizzling singer in crinolines and in feathers and sequins. Not just extravagant in her appearance but an extravagant voice, renowned for her joie de vivre, adored by many, known as the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz, "indisputably the best known and most influential female figure in the history of Cuban music."
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I love love love love love Celia Cruz. Thanks. :)
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Also, although she denied direct involvement, there was a strong Santeria influence throughout her career, and she recorded many songs that came directly from this religion.
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Thankls. Its interesting to see a Celia Cruz FPP . I cant imagine that she's not already well-known.

"indisputably the best known and most influential female figure in the history of Cuban music."

There's a new documentary out actually on Celia Cruz's main contender for that title:

La Lupe, Queen of Latin Soul.
"La Lupe: Queen of Latin Soul" tells the remarkable and ultimately tragic story of the Cuban bombshell known as La Lupe, once the reigning Queen of Latin Music. Her wild, unabashedly sensual singing style made her a sensation, first in Cuba and then in New York. Unlike her sometime rival, Celia Cruz, whose death was commemorated with a mobbed Fifth Avenue processional, La Lupe died broke and forgotten in the Bronx.

I love La Lupe. She's making a big comeback. Its been slow but steady since Pedro Almodovar included her song "Puro Teatro" in his soundtracks. One of the most popular bars in Madrid's gay district is named after her. The videos on Youtube don't do her justice. But her Cuban version of "My way" is famous.
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**So relieved this isn't an obit -- I held my breath reading it.**

Woo! This'll be fun to read! Thanks! She's awesome!
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(er, and watch/listen to).
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Today? I am a huge dork. We published an interview with her a number of years ago -- I had no idea she'd died in the meantime. And now that I reread the piece, it mentions as happening the year previous. Well, damn.

/total dork rolling eyes at self
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Dear susanbeeswax, sorry to let you know, Celia Cruz died July 16, 2003, four and a half years ago.
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oops (my favorite four letter word), shoulda previewed...and you're not a dork. This is an eye rolling at self free zone. :)
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One of the greats! Thanks for the post, nickyskye.
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What joie de vivre in her performances - thanks for another fun post, nickyskye!
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