Say what you want about him...
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Say what you want about him... but STILE PROJECT is as much a part of the internet at MetaFilter ...or, it would be, if he wasn't being shut down for allegedly displaying a copyrighted image in a banner ad that wasn't even stored within his website. And apparently his site isn't the only one targetted.
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I'm curious, actually. But you got this info from....?
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The page you get when you go to
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Hmm.. is there a place somewhere that summarizes this other than Stile's site? I'm kinda surfing from work here and don't think anyone around me would appreciate the dwarf sex banners or dismembered limbs that seem to be a big part of his page.
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Ah. ok. From the site...

If you don't know what happened, my site was shut down for allegedly having a copyrighted image in a banner advertisement, which wasn't even hosted on my server. I have had to retain a lawyer and am currently waiting to hear back from my ISP on the final status of my site because of some bullshit DMCA clause. ...

...This is a sad day for the Internet. It looks like Something Awful has been shut down as well. Their network eFraud is going down the shitter and Lowtax only had 2 days to find new hosting. I offered to host him on my network, but unfortunately I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW.

A lot of people think this is some kind of stupid prank, but why would I shut my site down for a week, lose half my audience and any chance of making money to try and make a joke?

I'm waiting to find out if I can post all the e-mails about what happened. Once again, I'm really fucking touched by all the people trying to help. The reason I am so fucked is because I prepayed for the next 6 months of service upfront.

posted by crunchland at 3:56 PM on April 5, 2001

I never really got stileproject. It reminds me of those punk bands that everyone says are "very important," but are, in the light of day, sophomoric and lame. But it's too bad he's getting hassled for copyright. How did the banner end up on his site?
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I wasn't a huge Stile Project fan either, but I'm very upset about Something Awful.
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Damn I didn't notice that....what happened to something awful?
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Stile has pulled this crap time and again. I don't visit his site anymore, because it became the same old tired crap. porn, death, mutilation, Shock, etc... nothing you can't find 1,000 other places on the internet if you are into that sort of thing.

But when I did visit his site, he pulled this shut-down stunt about once every other month. He does it just to draw attention to himself, and you have given him what he is seeking, publicity.

If Something Awful is also shut down, then I would wonder if Stile and him are in cahoots together.
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I just got into Something Awful; it seems to be just fine. Or just awful, as it were.
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hmmm must be a routing thing. I can't get there.
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Lowtax is in the process of being hosed by eFront, who recently gave their hosted sites 2 days to relocate. Lowtax has a message up to this effect at while it still exists. ( itself is currently dysfunctional.)
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Something Awful's hosting problems are legit. Considering the instant messenger debacle that eFront's management got into recently, it's no surprise that the network is going down the tubes... unfortunately it's taking a lot of great stuff down with it.
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i for one think stileproject disappearing would be a real loss.

at the very least, he makes internet porn amusing, and surfable, and that's rare.

oh, and i'm not sure whether this is should earn him merit, or demerit points, but the history of the 'all your base' phenomenon pretty much points to stileproject/something awful as being the tipping point places for the meme.
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I hit Stileproject once a week or so, because occasionally Stile does say interesting stuff. Still, this is still the first week of April. I'm certainly suspicious.

Oh yeah, and he's Canadian. I'm not entirely certain how the DMCA affects us, but I don't recall hearing about any agreements for our government to honour and/or enforce an American law.
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The OTHER weird site on the 'Net is WEIRD LINKS.COM. This one has all the crap, but not porn. Close.

The dude that makes this one is cool though, not like creepy Stile. Weird Links has fun stuff
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