Thriving Necropolis
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A "thriving necropolis" - The North Cemetery in Manila is populated by thousands of families - many living in mausoleums and even making their livings in the service of the dead.

More Photos...and Manila isn't the only place to have seen this phenomenon.
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Who knew there are so many goths in Manila?
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When I think "thriving necropolis", I usually think of Washington D.C., New York City or Los Angeles/Hollywood (in that order). But that's just me.
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"Golf courses and cemeteries, the two biggest wastes of prime real estate."

--Al Czervik
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For those who own the golf courses, it is not a waste of space: they make good money about national parks as wasted prime real estate? oh, that is idfferent?
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the govt may toss the poor out of those places
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In some markets, golf courses have become an interim land use.
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I recall reading an article in the New York Times how this is also big in Mexico.

It's not so much because they're poor, though that is a factor, but just because they think it's a good way to honor their dead relatives.
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"You left the bodies, didn't ya?? You left the bodies but you only moved the headstones! You only moved the headstones! WHY?!!!" - Steve Freeling

Nelson was so robbed. He shoulda got an Oscar.

Anyway, this is sorta the opposite of that, but just as cringeworthy.
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You said it AceRock, for some reason this really makes me miss playing World of Warcraft.
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Lucky Hotel
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