Qtrax is off to a rocky start.
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Recently Qtrax Announced that their new peer to peer ad supported service would be offering over 30 million songs for from the 4 major labels for FREE. The downside is that the music is crippled with DRM and can not play on iPods. Qtrax claims that they are working on cracking Apple's FairPlay to allow iPod users to play their music. However, that claim lost a lot of merit today when Warner Music, Universal Music Group and EMI announced that they do not have licensing deals with Qtrax. Qtrax appears to have imploded before it even got started.
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This is a double from yesterday. Sorry. (This is the better post of the two.)
posted by dios at 7:48 AM on January 28, 2008

Qtrax must have mad traffic cuz I can't get it to load.
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