Offshore euthanasia
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Offshore euthanasia - A pioneering Australian doctor has unveiled controversial plans to set up the world's first floating euthanasia clinic which would drop anchor off the Australian coast and administer lethal injections or drug dosages to terminally ill patients who wish to die in dignity. Certainly a unique way to circumvent the law!
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In most countries Euthanasia is illegal but Death Penalty isn't. Go figure.
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This is such a great idea.

Nitschke has a lot of credibility in Australia and ran the world's first euthanasia clinic in the Northern Territory before the laws were overturned by the Federal government.

The best thing about this scheme is that its so scalable. I wonder if they could get a tie in with P&O cruise ships...
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> I wonder if they could get a tie in with P&O cruise ships...

"Wait! Wait! I thought I was signing up for the 'Youth in Asia' cruise!"

Yes, it's an old, old pun. I just don't have the heart to put it down.
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Well, it made me laugh anyway.

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Philip Nitschke (PDF) is very well respected in Australia (although he has his detractors) He is a very gentle, intelligent, and thoughtful person who holds my entire respect.

Euthanasia has always been available to those who have the "right" amount of funds or know the "right" doctors. In the past, the simple fact was that you were more likely to die with dignity if you were wealthy. Of course, this is one of the less often discussed areas of medical practice.

If you were poor and/or completely alone, you would have to simply hope your doctor had enough good sense to allow you to choose euthanasia if you so wished.

It irritates me that so often, the people who oppose euthanasia are those who have the most access to it, or whose personal ideology makes euthanasia the wrong decision for them, and they wish to impose their belief system on others.
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