April 8, 2001
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Just in time for the easter candyfest. I wonder how many people actually enjoy peeps.
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I wonder how many people remember the first time this was posted?
posted by holgate at 10:12 PM on April 8, 2001

posted by holgate at 10:13 PM on April 8, 2001

Well, I didn't remember. I certainly enjoyed it, though. Hoo-boy! "The peep grabbed a smoke..."
posted by whatnotever at 10:14 PM on April 8, 2001

ever played peepjousting? it ROCKS. put two peeps in a microwave facing each other with toothpicks stuck into them, then let 'er rip for a couple of minutes on HI. first peep to envelope/stab the other one to death wins.

and, if there's any other pop-addled freaks out there, you can also join the official peeps fan club. the t-shirt alone is worth it. especially if you've got a bedazzler handy.
posted by patricking at 10:16 PM on April 8, 2001

I actually enjoy eating peeps. how many other foods have heads that you can bite off? i can only think of ginger bread men.
posted by paulrockNJ at 10:25 PM on April 8, 2001

Chocolate Easter bunnies, animal crackers and broccoli...but Peeps are the cutest. ;-)
posted by bradlands at 10:49 PM on April 8, 2001

I enjoy Peeps....at least the first dozen, then it's nausea for the next hour. I look forward to them every Easter!!!
posted by Sal Amander at 10:56 PM on April 8, 2001

The marshmallowy consistency makes biting a Peeps' head much more satisfying than a crunchy cookie or chocolate bunny.
posted by 7sharp11 at 10:58 PM on April 8, 2001

Does anyone else let their Peeps sit out and harden like my mom and I?

Or... maybe we're just two freaks.
posted by gramcracker at 11:55 PM on April 8, 2001

awwww....a mother, a son and their peeps...how sweet.

posted by jpoulos at 6:55 AM on April 9, 2001

I tried making Rice Krispies Treats with peeps instead of marshmallows. It was a dismal failure.
posted by plinth at 7:02 AM on April 9, 2001

Well, no surprise plinth! According to the experiment, those things are damned resistant to cooking temperatures. And a protective outer coating, to boot. Maybe you should try with different colors?
posted by legibility at 8:00 AM on April 9, 2001

I don't understand why people write about things like this as a threat to democracy when unsuspecting children can still walk into any drug store and by peeps.

They are evil. It is not a harmless confection that takes little more than sugar and air and encourages the populace to bite the heads off something cute and yellow.
However, given the original definition of geek, it is perhaps not surprising that MetaFilterians consume so many of them.
posted by anapestic at 8:46 AM on April 9, 2001

Peep Torture.
posted by crushed at 9:16 AM on April 9, 2001

I'd eat Peeps if they were Kosher.
posted by Dreama at 9:37 AM on April 9, 2001

Peeps terrify me. They are the only food which appear to be able to rot my teeth out without even being unwrapped.

A bunch of guys and myself recently had a poker night, and someone brought a box of Peeps and a five-iron. We got good and snockered, and delighted ourselves with launching the little bastards straight into orbit.
posted by Skot at 9:51 AM on April 9, 2001

My wife is the world's biggest peepaholic. Her peep of choice? Purple, though I'm pretty sure they all taste the same. Each year at Easter, things get completely out of hand, and with the post-holiday candy markdowns it's only a matter of time before things come to a head. Last year, I finally figured out that the only cure for peep addiction is a bag of circus peanuts. This disgustingly sweet, pillowy hell-confection brings the abuser to near-diabetic-coma status, followed by weeks of sugar aversion. Thank God!
posted by gimli at 10:28 AM on April 9, 2001

I always thought the most disturbing thing about Peeps was the fact the they are made by a company called "JustBorn". WTF is that? I get the feeling that somewhere there is a Weeping Momma Peep (no relation to Blind Lemon Jefferson), crying "But he was Just Born!"

I think one Post-Easter day they'll find me unconscious on the linoleum tile of my kitchen, day-glo yellow drool running down my chest, over my grossly Peep-distended belly and staining my Y-fronts... Surrounded by empty boxes of peeps in all their myriad hues, chicken and bunny alike. What a way to go.

All they'll write on the death certificate: "Peep Speedball" (also an excellent band name)

posted by Kafkaesque at 11:19 AM on April 9, 2001

Peep porn. Warning: bad puns / popup windows ahead.
posted by jbushnell at 2:48 PM on April 9, 2001

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