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The Polypunk mixtapes. "selected in Tokyo, designed in London, posted from Brooklyn, hopefully enjoyed around the world." From digi nikki. via.

I haven't dug through all these yet (there are 25!) but there are some real gems buried in the mixes. The "By This River" (Eno) remix on the first one for example. And the J.J. Cale jam starting about 17 minutes into # 24.
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So far so good--anyone have a track listing? The link for it is just a mailto.
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The facebook group has the track listings.

POLYPUNK 025: This is my song

Labi siffre - My song
Shugo Tokumaru - Green rain
Stereo Total - Ta voix au telephone
U2 - Numb
ZZT - Lower state of consciousness
Martin L Gore - By this river
Mapei - Video vixens
Waitresses - I knmow what boys like
No. 9 - Importance of detection
Doobie Brothers - What a fool believes
Klaxons - As above, so below (Justice mix)
Al Usher - Her today
RF - Internal notes 4+6
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And here's #26.
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This is great stuff. My workday thanks you.
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It's amazing, yacht rock's influence is overreaching. Hipsters now consider smooth music part of their elite knowledge.
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Digiki's semi-regular PolyPunk mixes are by far my favorite thing to listen these days. Always top notch eclectic taste and choices from a whole spread of sub-cultural to pop-cultural.

Do go taste them all.

Sadly discontinued but still available, go check out the OK Fred podcasts as well:
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