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Cutlery pen caps l Top 10 Picks of the Dining in 2015 competition.

Some other innovative food container design hacks and fun cutlery ideas: constructive, eating tools, finger food.
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The "Exhaust Burger" reminds me of an article from a MAD comic way back in the day. The premise was that you could grill/smoke your meat over the engine, while keeping salad fresh in your hubcap. There was a picture of this guy grinning stupidly as he dished salad out of the hubcap.
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Also, I want some of those herb terrariums. :(
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Wait, so sometime between now and 2015 we'll all start using pens and... and, I suppose, pencils and whatnot to convey thoughts by writing them on paper again? Huh.

That cutting board bowl is pretty awesome.
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Have to disagree with gurple about the cutting board bowl. Unless the flat part in the middle is huge, it's just not big enough to work on. And, if it is big enough to function as a useful cutting board, the bowl would be too big. However, I do enjoy saying "gurple" outloud.
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I can't think of a scenario where cutlery would ever need to be that portable, except, possibly, if the BMI ban goes through, the 30+ crowd might need it for easier access to take-out?
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This vinyl is rotted within 60 days.
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There's many a time a fork pen cap would have been a big help to me--I always bring lunch to work but often forget the cutlery!
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For some of us, cooking on your engine block is old news.
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I don't think the idea of using a pen as a piece of cutlery is all that revolutionary; I mean, how many times have you been in a meeting where food was provided and had someone reach for the last slice of pizza; the one that you wanted.

You take your pen and slam it into their hand to establish that, no, they are not, in fact, going to be eating your pizza today.

Sure, you would have used a knife if it was nearby, but you improvised.

I suppose the fork topped pen cap might give you better penetration though.
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^nzero - I remember that MAD article. Related: Dashboard Chocolate Chip Cookies
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