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Spark, Bang, Buzz is a site (well, two sites, one at earthlink, and the other at dedicated to dangerous and awesome science. Can you charge a refridgerator with propane? Make an air cannon! Flame triodes ! And, of course, as the author notes, "There is a great deal of satisfaction in the idea of having built your own laser".
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Mandatory warning: There's a whole lot of "And you may die" in here.

Good stuff. Jon Singer, one of my favorite mads, has a very good page on his research on TEA/Nitrogen lasers.
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I want my next guitar amp to built entirely with flame triodes.
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Don't make an air cannon unless you're on really, really good terms with the local police. Trust me.

And definitely don't fire it less than a month after a major terrorist attack. They hate that sort of thing.
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With this link I can finally show them. I'll show them all!!
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SBB has been on my bookmark list for a long time, though I haven't been in the habit of visiting and hadn't seen the TEA laser. Definitely a MAKE: magazine kind of guy.
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Very cool.
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