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Gardeners unite! Folia is a new website for gardeners to organize, document and share their adventures. And now you too can obsess about your seed saving and hardiness zones.

Seemingly patterned along the same lines as Ravelry (previously), (My)Folia (still some name confusion!) has recently gone into public beta. Unlike Ravelry, there's no waiting list (yet!).

One of us predicted these social networking/hobby specific sites would be popping up.

I need to step away from the computer now.
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I've been liking Gardentenders.com a lot for my gardening community needs (which is a sister site to my favourite woodworking site lumberjocks.com)
posted by zeoslap at 6:25 PM on February 7, 2008

Pretend I already made the joke, so you don't have to.
posted by 517 at 6:29 PM on February 7, 2008

Many years ago (1997) a friend of mine built his mother a gardening website called mooseyscountrygarden.com for Mother's Day.
posted by Samuel Farrow at 6:47 PM on February 7, 2008

Damn. I wanted to do that.
posted by seanyboy at 11:52 PM on February 7, 2008

517: I've been thinking for ages about what the joke might be, and for the life of me can't see one. Did I make an unintentional pun? Tell!
posted by Stewriffic at 6:54 AM on February 8, 2008

I think the joke revolved around seed saving and hardiness zones....
posted by zeoslap at 9:03 AM on February 8, 2008

I thought it might be about the site being "patterned after Ravelry" and couldn't figure out why that would make anyone comment, even though it was unintentional!
posted by Stewriffic at 10:08 AM on February 8, 2008

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