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Presto Technologies is hard at work on Presto Pass - an example of the growing m-com (mobile e-commerce) market. SF Gate has an article about it which is (according to my source within Presto Technologies) not entirely accurate WRT which company does what in the process, but covers the actual product pretty well. Will this be a vector for the rocketlike Shopping-Cart-At-A-Time grocery store checkouts we've been promised, or just another way to track consumer demographics for Madison Avenue? Can I have one of these implanted in my scalp, so that I can find my head even when it isn't attached?
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I'm holding Presto personally responsible for creating another dumb phrase like "click and mortar." Oh marketing types, why must you do that?

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone would try to take one-click shopping into the offline world. They mention the use of their prestopass thing at websites too, do they expect us to have some sort of magnetic reader hardware on our desktops?
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Yup, it's basically a reader pad that sits on your desktop so that you can place orders without sending any actual financial information. Conceptually sound, but so far we haven't seen a lot of success with proprietary payment systems...
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