Cryogenic Venting
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Light Reflection: a brilliant fan of cryogenics venting from a relief valve on STS-122 Atlantis' ET (external tank) post-separation. Also see this handheld video of the ET, with money shots at 2:15 and 3:55.

Atlantis just landed yesterday, completing the delivery and installation of Columbus. Next up, STS-123 Endeavour delivers Kibo.
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Beautiful, thanks! For other incorrigible space geeks the STS-122 launch in HD is impossibly gorgeous.
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It seems to me a lot of needed investment in schools and heathcare is instead spent on "space" so some wankers can take pretty pictures.
posted by three blind mice at 9:12 AM on February 21, 2008

That's a nifty photo, but I totally misread your post. I was expecting to see a really intelligent advocate of cryogenics getting very angry and commenting on some aid project called STS-122.

And then there was supposed to be photos of Extra-Terrestrials.

On re-read and link following, it makes a lot more sense.
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three blind mice, please see here.
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Kibo ?
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"Kibo", please.
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I hope we're allowed!
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Today is certainly a day for awesome images on MeFi.
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Ignoring any benefit that a space program has given us, isn't this question the equivalent of a plan to send Junior off to college using the money we've saved cutting mayonnaise and mustard out of the grocery budget?
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Kid Charlemagne: yes. Thank you. People like three blind mice up there are pretty much who The Onion was making fun of with this piece. If we cut NASA, every citizen saves 16 cents a day! I think we've found the solution to the subprime crisis...

(And not that I have any personal interest, but we could buy every citizen a small lunch every day of the year with what we'd save by cutting DoD. Just saying- perspective is important.)

Brownpau: great post. Be sure to check out how much shinier Columbus is than the rest of the ISS- those stylish Italians are at it again.
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Personally If I were an American I'd want to know the price of everything in terms of the number of F-22 Raptors the money could buy.
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I would want to know the number of elefants each household could keep.
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The craft, with its remaining payload of $688 million, will travel across the solar system, reaching Jupiter by June 2007. Once there, it will eject the money from the cargo bay in what will be the largest single financial deployment in NASA history.

zap rowsdower: I think that piece is pretty pro-cynic.
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