Frozen Dead Guys On Parade
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Frozen Dead Guy Days. Thousands of waving spectators line the streets of Nederland, Colo. (pop. 1,394), as a parade filled with skeletons, helmeted Vikings, pompadoured Elvises and antique hearses makes its way down First Street to mark the beginning of Frozen Dead Guy Days—a celebration that’s part Mardi Gras, part county fair, and all tongue-in-cheek. The 2008 celebration will be held March 7-9.
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When I was living in Boulder and looking for a job I came across an ad for a job where you would deliver ice to the place where they store the the dead guy. Yep, that is my whole story.
posted by vorpal bunny at 11:17 PM on February 23, 2008

Will Walt Disney be there, or his lawyers?
posted by Smart Dalek at 3:18 AM on February 24, 2008

James Taylor did the theme song, right?
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And another small town falls victim to a marketing scheme to boost tourism.
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When I lived there all we had was a grocery store, a teen center (which consisted of a giant room with a pool table, a little room to dance, and a coffee pot with a donation jar sitting next to it),a coin operated public shower and like six bars. It's hard to imagine 15,000 people coming to bask in such splendor.
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Actually, they sound like they're having fun. So I think that's cool.

I just wonder what Bredo Morstoel's daughter and granddaughter think. And how they deal with Thanksgiving if frozen turkeys are illegal...
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There was some controversy a couple of years back, when one dead guy's relatives didn't want him mentioned. The local paper quoted the mayor as saying he hoped cooler heads would prevail.
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I love it. I'd want to go myself if it weren't that I'm not a winter hound, and would rather be in Colorado in the summer. I don't care how marketing a scheme it is, just look at it -- it's Frozen Dead Guy Days!
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Are those cross-country skiers from Russia attending? 'Cuz that could be a chance to get some questions answered, I think.
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