MC5 - A True Testimonial
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I saw this in a bootleg copy. It's amazing, especially if you've no prior experience of MC5. Kick out the jams, lads.
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Aw man, I actually saw this in a theater before it got pulled. Highly recommended stuff!
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People continue to read books about angels and god and afterlife etc for the same reason theyh go to church every week: to reaffirm the message they have long accepted as the truth. Amnti-religious books, now in vogure, offer a newer message after centuries of belief dlrummed into children by their parents and the clergy.
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Heh, Postroad, wrong thread. But in a weird way, it kinda fits here as well.
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Testify, Postroad!
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I done kicked 'em out
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MC5 - pure musical energy. What a great band.

Hopefully jonmc still pokes around the place to catch this post, even if he no longer comments.
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Musically the group is intentionally crude and aggressively raw. Which can make for powerful music except when it is used to conceal a paucity of ideas, as it is here. Most of the songs are barely distinguishable from each other in their primitive two-chord structures. You've heard all this before from such notables as the Seeds, Blue Cheer, Question Mark and the Mysterians, and the Kingsmen. The difference here, the difference which will sell several hundred thousand copies of this album, is in the hype, the thick overlay of teenage-revolution and total-energy-thing which conceals these scrapyard vistas of cliches and ugly noise.

Lester Bangs - Kick out the Jams review, Rolling Stone, Apr 5, 1969.

Lester later moved to Detroit and became a big fan and personal friend of the MC5. He regretted this review for the rest of his life.
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oops, whole review here.
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that's too bad.. that's one of the few Bangs reviews i've read and agree with-- and I'm a huge MC5 fan.
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Fascinating stuff. Anyone who thinks today's lefties/liberals are somehow dangerous ought to get a gander at these guys.
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Lester Bangs got it right the first time.
posted by dydecker at 7:25 AM on March 6, 2008

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