The Whedon cultist block vote swings it
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Sci-Fi Shakespearean standoff: Magneto vs Pickard vs that guy from Serentity.
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I call boyzone.
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I can believe it. Ejiofor's terrific.
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Oh balls. Could someone pretty please correct that?
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Yeah. Ejiofor is amazing in everything he's in (at least, where he has a chance to act; his role in Inside Man was a nothing part).
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I'd just like to say that I'd give my left pinky to see Stewart do MacBeth in person. Yeah, yeah, Star Trek, X-Men, whatever. Dude is an awesome actor.
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Avenger: I've heard that Stewart's one man A Christmas Carol is a wonder to behold, that he reads the story the right way, where Scrooge is not the villain, but the hero. I have yet to give it a listen, but I have no doubt it's brilliant.
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I've met Patrick Stewart when he was doing Viginia Woolf at the Guthrie. In fact, I made him cry.
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Ejiofor is amazing in everything he's in

I think he's great, but I found his performance in American Gangster to be off (as was the whole movie). I actually never bought him as an American.

More on topic, I would love to see all three of those performances.
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Ya know what's a good song?
"Magneto and Titanium Man" by Wings.

(I have nothing of substance to contribute to this thread)
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Bookhouse, at least Ejiofor was more believable than Russell Crowe as a New Jerseyian.
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(I have nothing of substance to contribute to this thread)

That's usually a good sign you shouldn't click the "Post Comment" button. Try harder next time.
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The Operative ftw!
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"I have nothing of substance to contribute to this thread"

"That's usually a good sign you shouldn't click the 'Post Comment' button. Try harder next time."

If people actually second guessed themselves like that before posting, there wouldn't BE anything on the Internet.

Oh. And --


*pumps fist in air. makes woof sounds*
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I'm as big a fan of Joss Whedon as most, but really, this is nothing to do with him whatsoever. If you've not seen Chiwetel in Dirty Pretty Things, Melinda and Melinda or even Love Actually, then you're missing out. And he's even done Shakespeare before this - and before Whedon - Orsino in a TV production of Twelfth Night. Please don't do a great actor a disservice by suggesting that the reason they won a much-deserved award was because Internet fanboys link him inextricably with the creator of Buffy...
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Dirty Pretty Things ruled and American Gangster was the balls -- a runaway production that had to many of it's sutures showing. It went through 4 A-List directors - Fuqua, George, Oliver Stone and Scott - and had one A-List star joined by another on the marquee and ran for a painful 2-1/2 hours.

And they fired Fuqua because -- he wanted to shoot on location in NYC? -- and Scott (the more expensive director) ended up doing it anyway? And the 2 play-or-pay deals with Del Toro and Washington?

Sounds like Hollywood Studio ego (or racism) run wild. I hope Fuqua prevails with his lawsuit, because the front-office certainly didn't save any money by hijacking the project from him.

I guess Universal just wasn't pleased enough by the Oscar Fuqua helped them get for Training Day.
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Ejiofor is fantastic. He's a reason I will go see a movie I might otherwise pass on. Been a huge fan since Dirty Pretty Things. I really wanted to go see him in Chekov's The Seagull, but the limited run sold out in a heartbeat.

(tangential) Really quite looking forward to Red Belt, (official site) the new David Mamet film, with Ejiofor starring.

Also, Stewart and McKellan can elevate mediocore movies and add gravitas to anything.
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*glances at tickets for Macbeth*

*looks nervously at Avenger*

*checks market prices for pinkies*
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Chiwetel Ejiofor is awesome.
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Ejiofor is amazing in everything he's in

Unless what he's in is the polar opposite of Shakespearean, cf. Kinky Boots (a.k.a. proof that it is possible to make a mind-numbingly boring movie about drag queens).
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for a moment I was thinking Firefly, and I was hoping that the link went to the fellow who played "Early" in the last episode.
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Patrick Stewart is doing Macbeth at the Brooklyn Academy of Music until March 22nd. I heard it's fantastic.
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Out, damn'd pinky!
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Ejiofor is one of the those actors that makes something even pretty mediocre watchable (like Dirty Pretty Things)

And the McKellan Stewart face-offs were the highlights of X-Men... nothing like a bit of Shakey energy to life up a supe movie.
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I'm not sure that my suggestion that the Olivier awards were fixed by a block vote of browncoats should really be taken all that seriously.
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The geekery in that particular Olivier Award is even deeper than we imagined. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and John "The Master" Simm.

Operative vs. Master vs. Wizard vs. Captain...

It's really weird when my fanfic comes to life.
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Just popping in to say that re: Chiwetel Ejiofor, check out "Talk To Me".
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Though Stewart (who I like as much as anyone in most roles) cultivates a rep for Shakespearean roots, I'm pretty sure his highpoint was something along the line of stand-in for the understudy to the guy who took over the role of Titus Andronicus in a two-week touring run. And he botched Sejanus in "I, Claudius" with his wooden delivery of a deliciously evil schemer that could have stolen the show.
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I saw McKellin's Lear in Brooklyn: he was heartwrenching. Lear is a damn tough play to do: there are so many ways to screw it up. Sadly, I thought Sylvester McCoy really botched his part. He was possibly my favorite Doctor, but he blibbered through his lines unintelligibly, focusing on physical clowning. He did that well, but Lear's fool should be astoundingly VERBAL. He gets many of the best lines, and McCoy just didn't give them the delivery. It was almost a relief when they hanged him.

But McKellin, wow! He's good on screen, but he's meant to be on stage. And tickets weren't hard to get if you paid up six months in advance...
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"I hate it when villains quote Shakespeare"

-John Crichton - Farscape
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Ah, crap.
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I would have loved to have seen McKellen take over the role of Dumbledore from the late Richard Harris, and have Stewart cast as Voldemort, as an inversion of the good-vs-evil pairing from the X-Men.

Man, I'm such a geek.
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