You Are the New Day
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You are the New Day, recorded by the Kings Singers, the Searchers, and ten thousand school choirs around the world, was written by hard-rocking bass player John David, long of Dave Edmunds’ band. You Are the New Day is that rarest of things...

an a capella song that’s life-affirming and uplifting, without being sappy, “spiritual," or having anything to do with romantic love. And don’t hate it because it was used in a PBS promo.
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I've heard it any number of times -- probably performed it at least once. I wouldn't call it sappy per se, but it's a bit too melodramatic for my taste. Tries too hard, perhaps? The music speaks just fine on its own. Liked it better before I listened to the lyrics, really.

Cool post, though -- reminds me of my choral days, a good seven or eight years.
posted by lumensimus at 7:13 PM on March 22, 2008

This was a lovely post, Faze.
I got swept up in this song; never heard it before.
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I have heard this song, as well as "Blackbird," literally hundreds of times. When my daughter was a newborn, the Kings Singers, and these songs in particular, activated some calming-down subroutine in her skull that nothing else could, and we ended up racking up insane play counts in iTunes.

Consequently, I very much appreciate this music, and I never want to hear it again.
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without being sappy, “spiritual,"

Sigh. There are plenty of non-sappy spiritual songs out there, but this is not one of them.
Oh, and you say this is not "spiritual," this, on Easter's Eve? You are either ignorant or disingenuous. Boy, this is just a snark-magnet for MeFites. It's not a terrible song; it's just the wrong place to post it.
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I liked it, but even better was finding them doing a cover of "Blackbird." Most a capella should follow these guys' lead and go for the understated and subtle. (I find most college a capella groups make me cringe, no matter how technically good they are.) Thanks for the introduction and link!
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Also a nice cover of "Short People" - And so, I preemptively say to all future snarkers on this thread: shove it up your ass; this is good stuff.
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I used to love that promo spot and forgot all about it until now. Now that I babysit for a living, it's clear to me that PBS kicks the ass of all other children's programming out there, in part because they used that song so appropriately. Thanks for the reminder, and for the background on the song.
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(...and Happy Easter. Now, shove it, I say!)
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The lyrics:

I will love you more than me
and more than yesterday,
If you can but prove to me
you are the new day.

Send the sun in time for dawn,
Let the birds all hail the morning,
Love of life will urge me say,
You are the new day.

When I lay me down at night,
Knowing we must pay,
Thoughts occur that this night might
Stay yesterday.

Thoughts that we as humans small
Could slow worlds and end it all,
Lie around me where they fall,
Before the new day.

One more day when time is running out
For everyone,
Like a breath I knew would come,
I reach for the new day.

Hope is my philosophy,
Just needs days in which to be,
Love of life means hope for me,
Born on a new day.

You are the new day.

Maybe I'm to literal-minded, but almost none of this makes sense to me. I didn't even get the main metaphor. What does "you are the new day" mean?
posted by Pater Aletheias at 7:32 PM on March 22, 2008

This is a great record by the king's singers with Blackbird as mentioned above.
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Oh thank you for posting this! I sang this in choir my sophomore year of high school and it's still one of my favorites. Also, not_on_display thanks for "Short People". We *did not* sing this one in choir, but, as a short person, it's one of my faves as well.
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* You are either ignorant or disingenuous... Boy, this is just a snark-magnet for MeFites. -- kozad

* Thanks for the reminder -- Saellys

*I liked it .. thanks for the introduction and link! -- not_on_display

*This was a lovely post, Faze. -- Dizzy

*Cool post. -- lumensimus

*Oh thank you for posting this! one of my favorites -- Chara


Which one of these does not belong?
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Here Comes Another A Capella Post?

From the people who did the "Bubble" song, something for the A Capella HATERS.
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What does "you are the new day" mean?

Uh, in a Christian sense, the dawn of a new day is a new chance to serve God. The new day also more specifically refers to the morning after Christ has risen, in which act is found the salvation of man. Thus the new day symbolizes hope and joy.

Apply that to the verses above and all should be relatively clear.
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GREAT post, Faze. I, for one, did find it indeed uplifting, and even spiritual in a generic sense, and that is fine too. There are those here who seem to live to be snarky, and this is not a post that deserves that. Besides, what is wrong with being at least remotely "spiritual" in MefFi anyway, if such be the case, at least in a non-combative sort of way? (Not that that was your intent; I realize that.) Peace to all and Happy Easter. There, I said it.
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Spot on, Faze.

My parents (both singers once upon a time) love the Kings Singers and this song.
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This was a lovely post, Faze.
I got swept up in this song; never heard it before.

I can't say it any better than that. Thanks, Faze (and Dizzy).
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Sang that with my choir!

It is hard.

I miss my choir, particularly on Gig Holidays such as this one.
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"particularly on Gig Holidays "

As opposed to must Kilo Holidays or Mega Holidays? :)
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My husband's classical a cappella group has been performing this song for two decades. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for posting it here. Shameless commerce link. (You Are the New Day third from last on the list). (realize that I'm risking deletion, but MAN I love this song)
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This is perfect for me today.
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No place for me here...I swear I try so hard to hear the "charm" and I went through the links and the sun shines right now and my world seems pretty good - but it's always the same reaction; mouth-puckering heebie jeebies.
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I can respect mouth-puckering heebie jeebies. I really can.
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My high school's choir sang this. Being one of the music kids, though not a singer, I heard many a King's Singers song. My all-time favourite though is Lonesome Road, though I can't find the King's Singers version. This was the "farewell song" at the end of the last concert but on by the beloved music teacher who built the program, before he moved away.

Sigh. Nostalgia. Not music I would listen to now but how could I ever forget it? So, how about a post with some Robert W. Smith wind ensemble songs?
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thankyou. never heard of it. really glad i have now.
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I did not deserve such a courteous response from you.

I actually had a cringe d'escalier - (made up term from l'esprit d'escalier) - after I posted my initial yelp because I should have also said what an otherwise well crafted post it was...

I'm still tone deaf about these type of arrangements (just tried the main one again - nope, no change there...) - but really, that was a terrific post!
posted by Jody Tresidder at 4:36 AM on March 24, 2008

Great post! Love the Kings Singers.
posted by ObscureReferenceMan at 6:06 PM on March 26, 2008

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