Bald Eagle Cam
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Mounted 70 feet up in a white pine tree on the coast of Maine, the BioDiversity Research Institute's live eagle webcam provides, "live video of a nesting pair of bald eagles, 24 hours a day. These eagles are the most successful pair in the state. They have nested at this site for 13 years, and raised 20 offspring." Warning: the live stream can be habit forming (especially when waiting for the eggs to hatch).
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Sweet! My wife has been seriously addicted to the Stork Cam in Germany for three years now. This addition will totally make me the best husband evar! Now she can watch day and night!

Thanks, VN!
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There's also a blog, where you can read the observations of a biologist who's watched them for years.
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The only way this could be cooler would be if it was located on Mars.
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bondcliff -- are you a NH native?
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Sweet. They seem to be tidying up the nest right now.
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VicNeb, nope, but I've done a lot of hiking there.
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Has this never been posted? I love these bird-cams.
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So why is it a crime when we place the same camera in someones home without their knowledge? I just don't get this whole "law" thing.
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Has this never been posted?

There were these two, but they are different links so this one isn't a double.

But it is awesome.
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sweetness... more things to do instead of my job at work tomorrow!!
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Not as facetious as it sounds: do you think they mind the camera?

It's currently 11:30 p.m. E?T and the "Archived Images" link takes me to (?!), so I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the camera's awfully close. Maybe my mental image of something blinking and whirring is way off, but "conservationist" and "webcam in a tree five feet away" seem pretty incongruous to me.
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VicNebulous, thanks for the great post. I have kept a window open in the background while I work and can often hear the eagle calls when they are returning to the nest so it's a great cue to take a peek. It's awesome!

I was trying to find out exactly where the cam is and came upon more info about the cam and some pictures of three eaglets hatched last year - omg, I hope that happens this year.
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