West Wing Drug Bust
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West Wing Drug Bust Producer of West Wing busted with drugs...perhaps he was not digesting.
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It bugs me when someone like this, who's rich and famous would take a chance with something like this. I mean, I know his career isn't over, and he probably won't end up in jail since famous people don't go to jail, but just to take this risk blows my mind. Like Eminem pulling a gun on someone, what was the point?
posted by Mark at 7:12 PM on April 16, 2001

Alright! Hoooray for drugs! Paaar-tay!

Sorry. I'm really sorry. I just spilled out of the U.S. Military worried about Ecstasy use among soldiers thread.
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The point? MUSHROOMS, man! 'Shrooms are awesome.

Creative and intelligent people are far more likely to use mind and mood altering substances than the Average Joe. Ask any psych worker. The smartest and most creative people you'll ever meet are in AA/NA.

My theory [not original] is that bright peoples' brains work so much faster than they're supposed to - and thus bright people try to slow it down and/or break out of their realities using mind- and mood-altering substances.

My story. I'm sticking to it.
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Sorkin is described frequently as a recovering cocaine addict in media coverage. Why would shrooms end his career if coke didn't?
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Hmmm, the Creator and Head Writer of the best written show on television uses hallucinogenic mushrooms. Hmmmm.....is there a lesson to be learned here?

Nah, let's go oulaw some more plants.
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If Sorkin's so brilliant, why did he get caught?
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are you joking, aaron?
posted by pikachulolita at 10:41 PM on April 16, 2001

What bothers me is why we criticize someone in the public eye for something like drugs. Does it really matter to us whether someone famous gets high?
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Well, I think the thinking is that if someone is so lucky otherwise and has a good amount of money, why would they screw it by doing something illegal? (see Darryl Strawberry, OK, Hugh Grant, etc.)
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Most of the creative people in Silicon Valley consume hallucinogen's or have in the past. How do you think the basic computer circuit board was envisioned, it was after eating some hallucinogens.

Disclaimer: The computer circuit board bit was recently seen on a documentary on the Discovery Channel about the US government allowing hallucinogens to be tested on humans after so many years.
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The West Wing Pilot shows Sam's (Rob Lowe) friend Laurie (law student/call girl) smoking pot. She offers it to him, but he declines.
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So how did he get caught? Did the mushrooms show up in the x-ray scan as he was clearing the security checkpoint? Or did some official say, "Hey, that guy looks like he's carrying a controlled substance. Let's look in his bag."
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Word to the wise:

Always carry your illegal plants double-bagged and stashed in your underwear. Once you get them through the security you can always remove them and put them in your carry-on. As long as we live in a police state, you've got to take precautions.
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