Super Epic Video Game News
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Super Epic Video Game News. Several Channel 101 alumni are bringing their own distinctive style to game and tech journalism. Perfect for those who love video games, but hate the people that play them. The YouTube comments are an even split between impotent rage and people who get the joke.

For those who don't like Channel 101 or video game news, you have been warned.
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Looking for that special someone?
posted by ColdChef at 9:00 PM on April 3, 2008

Oh, and some of these maybe NSFW.
posted by BartFargo at 9:15 PM on April 3, 2008

Not sure what I think of this particular website -- perhaps I'm not up on the jokes enough -- but I do love the recent crop of game posts on MeFi and heartily encourage the trend.
posted by danb at 9:18 PM on April 3, 2008

(That last link is amazing, though.)
posted by danb at 9:27 PM on April 3, 2008

I LOLed at the "Greatest Player Ever" one.
I'm not sure the comments are an even split between people that get it and those that don't...
posted by mrnutty at 9:43 PM on April 3, 2008

I don't get it.

Oh, wait, yes I do.

there. my comment is evenly split. status quo for everyone!
posted by davejay at 10:15 PM on April 3, 2008

Dawn Cody FTW!
posted by lou at 10:16 PM on April 3, 2008

if you like this you should check out this R.O.B. video.
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The videos are funny, but the SEVGN site is not quite there yet. It's basically The Onion for videogames and has potential.
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I know these are all in jest, but the Tech Support #1 tip really did change the way I play Halo III
posted by Science! at 4:31 AM on April 4, 2008

Dawn Cody FTW!
posted by lou at 10:16 PM on April 3

Agreed. I'd "right trigger-X-X-Y-back-start" her any day of the week.

/"That... that's whuh.. that's why I'm the BEST!"

posted by spoobnooble at 4:39 AM on April 4, 2008

I was skeptical at first, but some of these are genuinely funny. The "Energy Sword Brothers" definitely encapsulated the "fun" of enabling voice chat on multiplayer.

Was the last one staged? If not, it has become the greatest thing I've ever seen.
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The rickroll effect is strong in these.
posted by anthill at 10:29 AM on April 4, 2008

This is hilarious.

I read a few pages of comments for several of the Youtube videos and the levels of inappropriate rage are off the charts.

I'd like to point out that Mike McCafferty was in the movie IDIOCRACY.

And Dawn Cody is a talented actress with a superior intellect and excellent sense of comedic timing!
posted by TheClonusHorror at 7:03 PM on April 4, 2008

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