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The Goon Show was a popular and influential radio comedy produced by the BBC from 1951 - 1960, starring Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe. Here, you can listen to it whenever you like.

If you haven't had enough punishment, you can watch them! With your eyes!

The Case of the Mukkinese Battle Horn (1956)

The Runing, Jumping, and Standing Still Film(1959)

They reunited for in 1972 for The Last Goon Show of
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Yes. Flagged as awesome.
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Awesome stuff; my Dad listening to his BBC Goon Show tapes during my formative years probably had a profound impact on lots of things, not least of which my sense of humour and silliness.
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The Jet Propelled NAAFI. We can be anywhere in the world with a cup of tea and a biscuit within five minutes of war breaking out.
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This is wonderful. Thank you!
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Prince Charles is, was, such a fan that he and his navy buddies made a short amateur ripoff of the show featuring himself as Bluebottle. HRH Productions ("A Horroh Production"). Not bad, either, but my memory of it is faint and I can't find a link, alas.
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Unmitigated genius... so much of British comedy since came from here.
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Oh nice!

I highly recommend Napoleon's Piano.
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love it. So many memories of childhood are listening to these tapes on long car journeys. I think I'm turning into Henry Crun as I get older though...
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*Enter lekvar, waits for audience applause, favorites awesome post by louche mustachio; not a sausage*

The Goon Show was probably a significant factor in the awkwardness of my adolescence, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.
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What time is it, Eccles?
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*curses inability to read the page title; still not a sausage*
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Great steaming lumps of thurk!

Nice post, thanks.
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Wow, it's clear that Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Firesign Theater are just imitations of this show.
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"This is the man who's going to drink Loch Lomond for us."
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I discovered the Firesign Theatre perhaps a decade before the Goon Show. On discovering the latter, I was floored at how much FT was inspired by them.
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/old fart talking

My dad used to have a girlfriend who had a copy of 10 collected goon show scripts (which I stole after they broke up). Dad had "I'm sorry I'll read that again" on reel to reel (yeah, baby, reel to fucking reel)

The low tech nature and actual voices of the goon show was something of a disappointment to actually listen to after ISIRTA, but those scripts, in my head, were superlative.
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Wonderful. Thank you.
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Sapristi Nukkoes! There goes most of my week and my last remaining shred of sanity. And you know what?

Fine. Fine. Fine.
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I've fallen in the water!
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a boy could get hurted doing that!
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You rotten swine, you have deaded my afternoon again.
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Me drive pyramid, mate!
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Great stuff! Especially thanks for the Runing, Jumping, and Standing Still Film, I've been wanting to see that ever since I read about it in relation to A Hard Days Night.
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They'll never fire at their own matches!
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Poor Michael Bentine, how quickly they forget. The fourth Goon.
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I once had to to judge a Goons competition on a radio station I was working for.

Entrants were told to write to us, saying what the Goons meant to them, "using twenty words or less".

I awarded it to the person whose entry read: LESS.
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Lets not forget their puppet forms. I don't recall being much impressed by the radio show as it had just been there, being endlessly repeated in the background, for about as long as I'd existed.

The breakthrough for me was when I was eight or nine and they started to appear on television in puppet form and I was completely hooked. In the pre-swinging sixties, Dr. Who and the Telegoons *were* Saturday night children's television.
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Has anyone seen this site?


I loved these shows. Have a huge collection on cassette. Unfortunetly, no one else (I thought) had heard of them.

The reading of the stage directions as dialog, hilarious.

Here is Spike's version of "Its A Small World", the only version I can stomach.
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PeterMcDermott - I looked all over for video of the Telegoons, because I really want to see that, but it doesn't seem to be up anywhere.
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Poor quality, but here's a taste for you louche mustachio – Napoleon's Piano.
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I'm putting this on the British comedy wiki page.

The Mukkinese links are broken, by the way: part 1, part 2, part 3.
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