"At least we still have Mr. McFeely."
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Sadly, Mister Rogers only lives on in our hearts and minds. But Speedy Delivery is alive, well, and the subject of a new documentary film made by a 26 year-old fan (previously).
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i sincerely hope to see this film.
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My mom wouldn't let me watch Mr. Rogers. I can't remember the exact reason.

The actor on the movie poster looks like a homeless or mentally ill person. The movie seems somewhat interesting/kitchy, but that poster's not gonna sell it.

Also, rasterizing text blocks is rarely a good idea.

Now that I realize the movie is about one man's challenge to keep Mr. Rogers alive after he's clearly dead, it does sound like a portrait of the mentally ill.
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mrgrimm: uncool, dude. I know you don't mean to be nasty, but it comes off like that.
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It's because he didn't watch Mr. Rogers as a kid.
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Now I know what Steve Buscemi will look like at 70.
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Somehow, I never thought about this before, but wow is Mr. McFeely a bad name for a guy on a kid's show.
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wow is Mr. McFeely a bad name for a guy on a kid's show.
relax; it was mr. roger's middle name.
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I also hope that this film gets screened around the country a bit; I would dearly love to see it. Thanks for letting us know about it, Kibbutz.
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It wasn't until just now that I realized Mr. McFeely was wearing old-guy makeup. I always wondered how that really old guy managed to outlive Mr. Rogers.
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He's still creepy as all hell. He can't even grow a proper moustache, for Christ's sake!
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