The Japanese Garden
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Paradise: The Gardens of Tokyo. A collection of amazing photographs of Japanese gardens as taken by Tim Porter.

Impressed and want to see more Japanese gardens? Look here and here for more links to more photos of some beautiful Japanese-style gardens from around the world. For further reading, check out Meditations on the Japanese Garden and The Modern Japanese Garden. And if after all of that you feel inspired to turn your garden into a Japanese garden of your own, The Japanese Garden Journal has you covered. Mind you, building the bridge sounds kind of tricky...
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My mom's always been a big fan of Rock Gardens, and I'm kind of partial to bonsai trees.

Thanks for the links, Effigy. (If we ever move out of here and land up somewhere with enough space to build a really, really small version of one of these, your links are going to come in handy!)
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I've visited most of the gardens in the first link on my trip to Japan... and it's a pity because, IMHO they loose a lot by being in black and white because colour is such an integral part of the garden design.
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Very nice. Thanks.
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I've lived in Japan for 6 years now, and been to a lot of these places, and I have to admit that I really have no interest in Japanese gardens whatsoever. They just don't do it for me for whatever reason. But these photographs are really nice! I think that if they were in color, they would just be some nice photographs of gardens, but the low contrast black and white is really more expressive to me.
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Great post. :o) Bowdoin is good too.
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Don't miss Hawaii East-West Center. Here. F'ing trees planted by Emperor and Prince/Princess. Nice small little place.
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