Experiences on the Toilet
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Experiences on the Toilet This is one of the craziest and most cringeworthy sites I've ever been to. It's a site jam packed with postings from people detailing particular 'movements' they've had.. episodes of blocking toilets with 'whoppers' and 'interesting' odors they've experienced. Yes, it's the ultimate guide to everyone's experiences in taking a dump.
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And my favorite quote...

"The last motion I had done was on Friday, in the Ladies Toilet at a local shopping mall, a nice big solid lumpy carrot shaped jobbie which made a loud KU-BULOONG! in the stainless steel pan. It was too big to flush away, so I left it for the inspection of the thin woman who came into the cubicle as I came out. I heard her exclaim, "Bloody Hell!" as I went to wash my hands."

I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up stuff like that. Why don't they just make toilets bigger? It seems so much crap just doesn't flush away properly nowadays.
posted by wackybrit at 6:18 PM on April 17, 2001

some of these people are WAY too into this...
posted by o2b at 7:10 PM on April 17, 2001

hehe ...

i hear the same things about most web communities ...
posted by a11an at 7:24 PM on April 17, 2001

Everybody I know outgrew this interest at about the age of 2 or 3.....this site just screams "kinky"......yechhhhhh!
posted by bunnyfire at 8:14 PM on April 17, 2001

Alien's bless the web.
posted by holloway at 8:17 PM on April 17, 2001

I love the picture of the woman on the homepage who has had her clothes photoshopped onto her ...
posted by treebjen at 9:15 PM on April 17, 2001

So I guess you're...er..."familiar" with this image pre-Photoshopped, then, treeb, hmmm?
posted by Wizzle at 9:48 PM on April 17, 2001

Wizzle, it's fairly obvious ... it's practically spray painted on. :P
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 10:00 PM on April 17, 2001

While some may find this site mildly disturbing, I think it's a good thing for people to have a pseudonymous/anonymous forum to talk about this kind of thing. I mean, really, most people do not feel comfortable discussing this with other live people, but thanks to the Internet, now they can talk about it without being embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Go Internet!
posted by daveadams at 9:04 AM on April 18, 2001

True. I often have the urge for an anonymous forum where I can ask people whether my logs are too hard.
posted by wackybrit at 11:11 AM on April 18, 2001

and when you're through of this toilet crap thing you can go rejoice on the animal kind.
posted by betobeto at 11:15 AM on April 18, 2001

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