Can't sleep. Juhyo will eat me.
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I want to put winter behind me like any other right-thinking Midwesterner, but these trees are too cool to ignore.

On Mount Zao, in Yamagata prefecture, the Juhyo silently lurk. Or if you prefer you can visit Mt. Zao during greener seasons.
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My God. Those are amazingly beautiful, but - what is with the snow in Japan? Is it horizontal? Made of Peeps? What?
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Zao gets pretty windy and that affects how the snow settles on the trees. I've been up there to go snowboarding and I can say that the trees are awesome.
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Very cool. The green and red tinting of some of the pictures is making me wish I could view them with 3-D glasses.
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In the evening, the monster trees really come to life when the visitor center illuminates them with an array of multi-colored lights.

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Wow. Seriously. Wow.
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Some of the trees look drunk. Also, the photos made me want to grab a spoon and dig in. Thanks for this post.
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amazing & beautiful - thanks for this!

sadly, it seems juhyo may be an endangered species
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Posts like this are why I love Metafilter; I had no idea these existed. Thanks!
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looks cold there.
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Amazing—I add my thanks!
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Excellent. Added to list of stuff I want to see first-hand before I buy farm.
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It looks a lot like trees hit with the snow making devices used on ski hills, but I don't see most of the telltale signs so I'll just chalk it up to amazing!
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Looks like lost souls in misshaped bodies, seeking the way out. Lovely!

End of winter not in sight yet, in Switzerland. Snow line came down to the city last week, and plenty snow in the mountains.
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Reminiscent of some monsters in Miyazaki films - esp Spirited Away. Wonderful.
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The second photo in your main link resembles the march of the mystics from the movie The Dark Crystal. Very neat.
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it was thought that if trees reached a thousand years of age, they could come alive, particularly at night, and some were quite dangerous.

I would totally believe this.

Amazing photos, great find, wonderful post - thanks!
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Beautiful! Makes me wish for a good snow.
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what is with the snow in Japan?

I spent a winter in Sapporo in '94 and I noticed the snow was much different than the snow I was used to back in Oregon, even though we were basically at the same latitude. Not sure if it was due to Japan being an island, or something else, but it was much more "fluffy" snow than back home. It was like those little Styrofoam balls that sometimes fall out of packing material.
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So that's where the killer monster snow goons spawn,
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