The master of black and white
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An introduction to the works of Alberto Breccia, 'often referred to as "The master of black and white."' A brilliant comic artist little known in the english-speaking world, his works have mostly been published in italian, french and spanish. In the '70s he and writer Norberto Buscaglia adapted nine H.P. Lovecraft stories, available here in ebook form (in spanish, but the art speaks for itself).
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This looks to be sixteen kinds of awesome. Thanks, aldurtregi.
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Thank you for posting this. I was just wondering if anything this good, in this genre, existed, in my language.
Mil gracias.
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There was a French reprint of Breccia's Cthulhu stories in 2004. It's out of print according to and probably won't be cheap if you can find it, but I urge you to try. Breccia's work demands to be seen as large as possible, and ideally on good-quality paper.

And the art is jaw-dropping. Breccia is flat-out the only artist I've ever seen who captures the sheer alien unknowability of Lovecraft's mythos. Absolutely recommended if you can locate a copy.
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Thanks, really cool.
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