Breath in / breath out.
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Isolation Studies are just some of the things found at Chuck Jones' personal site. {via waxy}
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Oh, god. Buffy buffy buffy buffy buffy buffy buffy buffy buffy buffy buffy.
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Wow. I was just about to post Chuck Jones' State Songs. Might I recommend Wisconsin and Kentucky to get you started.
No, seriously, like within three minutes I was going to post.
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There's some great stuff here. The Loveline Questions was wayyyy funnier than it should have been - or at least the Adam Corolla part.
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Sweetest part of the leaf is pretty goddamn sweet.

Nice find.
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I really, really wish the Buffy movie was loading on my computer. Also, Isolation Studies? Not at all what I thought they were.
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Talk about misleading FPPs. I was expecting to find a padded wall covered in Bugs Bunny drawings.

I guess this is about as cool. I guess.
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Good times.
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Related: A quick recap of seasons 1-3 on Lost. It's also a great summary of what I do whenever I watch an episode.
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That inhalation audio is so many shades of awesome I don't know where to start.
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In the 90s, a prof of mine leant me a recording (that I think was made in the 80s) that was a song made up entirely of the breathing of Olympic athletes. It was pretty neat but for the life of me I don't remember the title or the artist.
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I love this! Loveline Questions is the brilliant one.
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I loved this. Includes text of original speech, the pamphlet, and two audio recordings of the speeches/rants.
Bystander: "Do they wrestle?"
Dousias: "Penguins do not wrestle. Penguins have never wrestled, penguins would not know where to begin as far as wrestling is concerned."
Penguins are flightless seabirds and you can see them at the zoo.
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This is freakin awsome. Better yet, I have no idea why I like it quite so much. I've also developed an infantile attraction to animated gifs of late. Perhaps there's a connection.....
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Unexpectedly chock full of interesting & cool things. (Duh, I just described all of MetaFilter.)
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isolation study
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Anybody else disappointed that this wasn't about Bugs Bunny?
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The whole post would have been worth it for "Are ya on yer BELLY?" but there's a lot of great stuff in there. And I even learned that breathing in sounds the same as breathing out.
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Unlike most of you slackers, I actually listened to all 74 minutes of "sweetest part of the leaf" before coming here to say how great it is. Which is pretty great.

I like the Numbers audio a lot too. And I saved the Kentucky state song for my ipod.
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"Why does Denver get its own omelet?"

Oh man, I really miss Adam Corolla-era Loveline.
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I enjoy that the only person by name who's advised in the loveline one shares my name. I sound pretty fucked up.
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I love that the Loveline names one included "Jesus Christ."
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Aha! I have summa these on mp3 -- probably got them via WFMU's blog (checking: yep!) -- but over time totally forgot where they came from and who did'um. Thanks for sticking a clue in my hand and pointing me in the right direction!
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