No word yet on a national odd sock exchange...
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The National Odd Shoe Exchange is a non-profit organization that is a source of footwear for those requiring single shoes or pairs of differing sizes. Many have this need due to injury, disease or genetic disorders.

The Minus One Club is another man's attempt to unite mirror needs for both gloves and shoes. Out in California, the One Shoe Crew links a smaller group of people, looking for single shoes. SWAP Shoes helps Australians with similar needs. Admirably, Birkenstock sells different size shoes directly to people with different size feet.
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Well, this seems like a fine thing.

Their acronym is NOSE.

Goodnight Irene.
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They deserve a big hand for this. No, wait...
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This is one of those problems that I knew must exist, and I always thought it must be totally unfair to have to buy two pairs and use half, or buy a pair and use half. So I'm glad someone did something about it (or a few someones.)

Once, though, I accidentially bought a boot and its 1/2 size larger one, instead of a correctly matched pair. Six months later, someone said, "Hey, those are nice boots. I just bought the same ones. Where'd you get yours?" Store. "Me too! But the funny thing is, one's a half size off." We would have switched, but six months in boots doesn't keep them presentable.
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I wish someone would do this for earrings.
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I was just talking about this concept with my roommate and mom, who both have to buy two pairs of shoes if they want them to fit right. I knew something had to exist to address this. And now I have a link to send them. Thanks!
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I wish there was something like this for bras (if only they were built that way).
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Brilliant idea, really. I had a friend who used to have to buy 2 pair of shoes all the time, to get one pair out of them. Me, I just have a hassle finding shoes that are wide enough.
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Other than sneakers, I mail-order special size shoes (11½EEE, mainly) due to a high instep. There are manufacturers who will let you mix and match.

Very few feet, I'm told, are a perfect match, but for most people it isn't noticeable. I sometimes think about going with EE on one foot and EEE on the other. Unfortunately, even though I've found a solution, I've often wondered how shoes designed for high insteps would feel, instead of settling for extra-wide shoes.
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Some departments stores will do this for you. I once bought some shoes at a Nordstroms. The left shoe was a 7N and the right was a 7M. The clerk was really nice in letting me mismatch them. I joked about what he would do if I had a size 8 left foot instead, and he seriously said that he gets 1-2 customers a year who need completely different sizes of shoes for each foot, and the store tries to accommodate them. I guess if it's only 1-2 people per year, it's not that bad. I don't know what they do with the "extra" shoes left behind.
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It's weird you posted this Paul. I was just talking to my dad about this because he had to have part of his foot amputated last year and now he is struggling to find shoes that work. I'll forward this to him. Thanks.

(and dhartung - I feel your pain. I have a high instep and 4E feet. can I ask where you find your shoes?)
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You can also stretch your leather shoes if you need them mismatched by a bit. A friend of mine had the lymph nodes removed in one of her legs, and the edema has made her feet quite differently sized. She's had success at Nordstrom's where they will stretch her shoe for her, no matter where she's bought them.
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