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The Warholizer Your picture. Warholed.
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Shouldn't that be "warholled"? Because I really don't want to be war-holed. Ouch.

Still, this is one of the web's most valuable graphic resources.
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(I'm not uploading a photos.)

But the images I get for Warholizer 2 on Flickr look clumsy - more bad Photoshop than Warhol. Warhol's images are not that sterile and flat. Apple's Photobooth has a PopArt filter that makes more Warhol-like images.
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I think a lot depends on the picture you choose to upload. The simpler the better...I really enjoyed how a couple of mine turned out.
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This is perfect. I'm teaching today and was describing how some image formats can oversimplify an original, using Warhol's portraits as an example. I wasn't sure if anyone in the class even knew who Warhol was, but now I can demonstrate with one of our course files and this app.
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That that link up there will expire in five minutes did not occur to me at the time. Hrm. And it's not really heh enough to justify porting it elsewhere.
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I disagree. I saw it in time and heh'd plenty.

(It's the archetypical pic of Cortex with the donut, for the curious.)
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That sounds dirty.
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Your lunch. Warholized.
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I found another online Warhol-izer that's a bit more complex. Here's a really nice exploration of what this "Warhol" style really consists of and thus how it can be achieved in Photoshop. This is a simpler but nice Photoshop Warhol tutorial--and another, and another, and another, and a sorta of shitty one for the GIMP. Wheee!! Tons more at del.icio.us.
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Nice, youarenothere. Re-hehed via that first link.
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Weird, I figured getting Warholed would involve you getting shot by a S.C.U.M. feminist.

This is probably better.
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A A A ...
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My god, it's a Menger Guevara!
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I remember seeing the Mangy Guavas open for The Sierpinski Trio at the Factory, back in the day. But they were too avant-garde, even for that crowd. Their opus, "Britain's Sea Coast", went on for fourteen hours and involved the guitarist picking a string, taking the third harmonic, taking the third harmonic of that, and on and on and on until nobody could hear them any more.
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'"and on and on and on" would be a good name for a band' would be a good name for a band.
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Your processed image will be available for about 5 minutes before it is automatically deleted.

so much for your 15 minutes of fame ....
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