Tintin Parodies, in English, French and Spanish
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Tintin in Thailand: pdf
Breaking Free
The Flute of the Wendigo

The Alph-Art (Rodier: eng|fr, Nash)
El Secreto del Tricornio: pdf
El Lago de la Bestia: pdf
Tintin au Suisse: 1 2 (zip)
Tintin au Liban
covers for others (Jan Bucquoy)
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I glanced at a couple of pages of the PDF, and the gap between it and Hergé is about as wide as the gap between Rob Liefeld and Alex Ross. I can't believe anyone would seriously refer to it as a "forgery".
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The Thailand one was tamer than I expected. I was afraid of seeing Rule 34 in action.
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You might want to check out the work of Garen Ewing, a British small press artist adopting a very Hergesque style, especially Rainbow Orchid, which is very Tin Tin.
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Awesome. I saw the situationist Tintin, Breaking Free, as a highschooler in a red-bound hardback that appeared to have been struck as a one-off as a means to preserve someone's blurry, dogeared original 1970s photocopy.

Confusingly and amusingly, it had gotten filed in the school library kids' section with all the other Tintins. Yes, it was in French. So were all the other Tintins. So was the language the tots in the kids' section, and everyone in the school, spoke. I huddled over the book in my proto-punk chrysalis and struggled with my incipient French, the deliberate use of non-academic French in the book's original dialog and captions, and the terrible reproduction.

In the end, I found it more entertaining to play with the kids and read to them than to finish my, um, class struggle. But when the book surfaced online a few years ago, I was beside mysellf with delight.

I had gathered at the time that such parodies were a well-established genre, but never have seen another - 'til now. Thanks!
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Tintinitus is a serious problem.
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