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Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena & Vibration
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Wow, that phenomena link is pretty trippy. This is your brain on drugs. God, what dopey music, though. Scientists, man, they don't have a fucking clue. Aphex Twin would've been great. Or Pan Sonic. Mouse on Mars. Some good drum'n'bass. Hell, some Missy Elliott. Some James gaddam Brown. What a waste.

Meanwhile, check this out. Groovy visuals, baby.
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Awesome. I would consider this a related post.
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I'm convinced the "Vibration" link is what it's going to look like when aliens finally contact us.
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Harmonographs are another cool way to visualize sound waves and harmonics. What is the standing wave equation in 3-D - i.e. if we had a point wave source in a sand-filled cube of side length L (in zero-gravity, of course)? The equation in the "Cymatics" link assumes three orthogonal non-interacting waves.
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