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Downtown Miami seems like a lot more fun when its filled with foam. That is all.
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I predict that those that live in the tropics will say "Wow, neat!", and those of us that live in the north will curse and go start our snow blowers....
posted by HuronBob at 4:33 AM on April 20, 2008

Great photos. The site hosting the photos, however, is an affront to design.
posted by Locative at 4:34 AM on April 20, 2008

Mefioso Dakotadusk was actually there. He posted about it here with plenty of photos.
posted by dabitch at 4:37 AM on April 20, 2008

Actually, HuronBob, I'm thinking bubblebath, not snow.

Pretty cool. I liked the ones with the kids holding the giant bubbles, too.
posted by Marie Mon Dieu at 4:39 AM on April 20, 2008

Sony's own homepage will give you plenty of photos and video by the way.
posted by dabitch at 4:40 AM on April 20, 2008

darn, I tried linking photos but something went wrong.
posted by dabitch at 4:40 AM on April 20, 2008

Is you here see much capacity the making of foaming for. Look! All your bubbles are belong to us.
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The FPP link even has some of Dakotadusks photographs but not a link to the source. That's nice of him.
posted by dabitch at 5:01 AM on April 20, 2008

Enviro hazard?
posted by b33j at 5:16 AM on April 20, 2008

All that scene needs to be complete is Doris Day and James Garner.
posted by FelliniBlank at 5:35 AM on April 20, 2008

Miami is for me!
posted by oddman at 6:07 AM on April 20, 2008

The video on Sony's page was really great. Thanks, dabitch.
posted by oddman at 6:14 AM on April 20, 2008

Dear Sony Bravia: I am not much of an adman, but I think I have some ideas you might like. If you use any of these, you don't have to write a check; cash or direct deposit is fine.

* Pastel-colored gangbangers roaming the streets of South Central LA, exploding into rainbows and flowers when they gun each other down.
* Parked cars in Detroit, decaying in affectingly photogenic ways while lilting acoustic guitar plucks away.
* Cups of latte in Seattle, spontaneously fountaining skyward in slow motion and painting the air with tasteful brownish hues.
* Millions of bagels in reds, blues and golds rolling down Montreal's streets, bouncing off bilingual street signs and fire hydrants, and filling the St. Lawrence. See if you can get Godspeed You Black Emperor to do something wistful yet upbeat on this one.
* This is my killer idea, and I know you'll love it: Paint a whole lot of obsoleted analog televisions in those pretty, bright hues that really play up the Bravia's color saturation, and stack them up in huge piles. Film the piles toppling over and over again, zooming in on individual TVs exploding in slow motion. Use the Bravia's high-definition detail to show the air filling with trace particles of barium, phosphorus and leaded glass. I think you'll really grab folks with this one.
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Foam city is not a Bravia advert.
posted by dabitch at 6:54 AM on April 20, 2008

I actually know the team at fallon london that did this, as I'm currently trying to get hired there. the group is also responsible for the sony balls and paint ads and the cadbury gorilla.
posted by krautland at 7:02 AM on April 20, 2008

oh, dabitch is right... this is part of the hd experiment series, right?
posted by krautland at 7:03 AM on April 20, 2008

Hmm... So this is what I wake up to on a Sunday morning... thievery! Lord, please smite this design-devoid dork. Amen.

It's a weird feeling to see things that you shot with your own camera for a singular website – AdLand's Commercial Archive in this particular case – ending up on another site. Especially one as hideous as this.

I'd much rather be burgled by a site of quality, but nooooooooooooooo! Instead of Thomas Crown, I get Bannerbombus Brown.

It's like getting your brand-spankin'-new Sony alpha 700* stolen only to find out later from the police that it was pawned for six bucks, which was used to finance a hit of meth and a pack of generic cigarettes. F***er.

On the flip-side, it was a fascinating and way-cool commercial shoot to witness in person. Just visit/link the Sony microsite, the AdLand site, or several other sites from people who were actually there, and not this banner-ad-revenue-desperate and spotty-arsed pilferer's crapfest of a web page. That is all.

- Dakotadusk

*NOTE: I personally use a Canon Rebel XTi, but am trying to keep the Pepsi-Blueness of this post intact. (I also have a bit of alpha envy, but it was out of my price range.)
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No, I'm not going back to this site again, but the photos were neat. Thanks allkindsoftime, and thank you dakotadusk!
posted by Kronos_to_Earth at 7:37 AM on April 20, 2008

I don't really understand these ads... I mean, how they get permission from the cities to make them. If I owned a business on that street or lived there, I'd be pissed that this was happening. Yes, I can appreciate the artfulness of the finished product but it just seems so bizarre to me that major urban areas permit these things so that we can be inundated with more advertising.
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When I was a kid my little league coach had some friends in the local fire department, so when we had our end of the season party a fire truck came by and filled the alley behind his house with foam and we frolicked in it and marveled at it much the same as the kids in these pics.

The one drawback? Every once in a while a kid would forget that they weren't actually looking at a big pile of snow and throw themselves onto it, but it turned out to be more of an into it situation, resulting in a kid-sized floam angel followed by a *splat* and various bruises on the asphat below.

It was still hella fun, though.
posted by Cyrano at 8:12 AM on April 20, 2008

> Foam city is not a Bravia advert.

In that case I open my concepts to anyone Sony Corporate with enough bankroll. C'mon guys, you know you wanna.
posted by ardgedee at 8:14 AM on April 20, 2008

I actually know the team at fallon london that did this
You know Samuel Åkesson? Say "tjänare grabben, läget?" from me. ;P
posted by dabitch at 10:10 AM on April 20, 2008

i've worked for sony a few times and it was never this much fun... i must be doing it wrong.
posted by klanawa at 10:35 AM on April 20, 2008

Foam parties are fun.
posted by empath at 10:35 AM on April 20, 2008

This is probably the greatest ad in the last 10 years.

Maybe the best since Apple's hammer-throwing ad.

I'm stunned.
posted by andreaazure at 10:49 AM on April 20, 2008

Can anybody tell me what the foam is composed of?
posted by stresstwig at 12:22 PM on April 20, 2008

Can anybody tell me what the foam is composed of?

Deadly foam stuff, no doubt.
posted by dobbs at 12:58 PM on April 20, 2008

I like it, yes I do.
posted by stevil at 2:08 PM on April 20, 2008

ah, i have never seen so much of me!
posted by snofoam at 2:31 PM on April 20, 2008

we use sal suds (plus water and compressed air). not very toxic. any foamy soap will do. the formula for the snofoam that my handle is taken from was actually closely related to firefighting foam, which requires the same basic attributes of foaminess and stability.
posted by snofoam at 2:37 PM on April 20, 2008

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