Pulp Shakespeare
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from ACT I SCENE 4

J: Your pardon; did I break thy concentration?
Continue! Ah, but now thy tongue is still.
Allow me then to offer a response.
Describe Marsellus Wallace to me, pray.

Your turn.

[via boingboing. sort of, although weirdly they link not to the original author's LJ but to the LJ of someone quoting him]
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English! Doest thou speak it, whoreson cur?
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*sets to labor on thou with blowtorch and pair of spanners*
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Butch: Thou fareth well?
Marsellus: Far from well, I fareth.
Butch: What hence?
Marsellus: What hence? I gather forth a violent crew
Ere we get contemp'ry on yon ass.
Butch: Nay, I speak of you; of me. Of us.
Marsellus: Oh aye, and nay: henceforth there is no us.
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This got me thinking how great (and how much longer) famous movie lines would be if written in iambic pentameter.

Take pains thou leav'st the gun upon the seat;
take too those pastries we are soon to eat.
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A day may come; a day may never come—
On which I will of thee a favor ask.
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J: Ringo, tell thine harlot be still!
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Forget it, Jake, it is but Chinatown.
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Michael: And when my sire with Luca Brasi went
to parlay with this bandleader most proud
(whom you recall had vexed my father much
by keeping Johnny bound by unjust oath),
he soon extracted from the uncouth knave
a pledge to free my kinsman from this task.
To quell my father's murd'rous ire, that whelp
e'en gave him up a thousand coin withal!
Kay: Why did he thus?
Michael: Don Vito did him make
an offer to which he could aught say nay.
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Mayhap the sewage rat canst bring to mind the welcome savor of pie from pumpkin, yea, I know not, as no such beast shall befoul my repast.
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F: Marry, my lord! But whence has come this mare?
B: Tis not a mare, fair wench but tis a stallion.
F: Prithee, my lord? To whom does this stallion belong?
B: Verily, tis the stallion of Zed.
F: And tell, my lord, who is this Zed?
B: Zed hath shuffled off this mortal coil, my lady. He hath shuffled off this mortal coil.

Man, this is hard. Can we do the limericks again?
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Yippie ki yay, motherfucker.
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My fellow abbot whom I'm soon to break.
My drainage hath consumed your whole milkshake.
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Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho.
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(Okay, that one doesn't scan perfectly...)
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The path of the righteous man is beset
upon all sides by iniquities of the selfish
and the tyranny of evil men.
Blessed is he who, in the name of charity
and goodwill, shepherds the weak
through the valley of darkness
for he is truly his brother's keeper
and the finder of lost children.
And I will strike down upon thee with
great vengeance, and furious anger
those who attempt to poison
and destroy my brothers.
And you will know my name is the LORD
when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

Did I do that right?
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Eideteker FTW.
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Sirrah, I can but guess your present thoughts
Did he have time his musket to reload?
Forsooth, I have myself forgot if so.
But as this weapon has the strength to split
Your very head loose from its earthly frame
Then ponder, cur, your place in fortune's favor.
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My contribution is not great, but passable. Done in between study sessions. Blame Bromius for this!

Bonasera: America--in it I have faith, yea.
This noble country has rais'd my fortunes
most high, and my daughter with them. Oh exalted
progeny--taught never to my name dishon'r--
had freedom--yes, much freedom, all freedom!
But her love did her honour ruin, her face
tarnish, her brittle shell shatt'r and fracture.
Like an animal she was truss'd and hewn,
and my girl--so beautiful, so Amer'can,
so true--will aught dare to meet the face of
the Gorgon for shame at her debas'd state.
[Bonasera cries]
Pardon me, my liege pardon me--my god!
To the authorities I went--and naught!
Naught! My lord, naught was done to avenge her,
my broken fruit. I felt the jester; laugh!
I felt the fool; cry! And these wretches, these
hellhounds, did lift their heads and smile, did laugh
to see the radiant sun on their fiery masks--
And I knew, Don Corleone, oh I knew--
That for pure justice I must come to you.
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It is alright; I have been blamed for worse.
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Bromius: You sure about that? :P
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PUMPKIN: Stand and deliver!

HONEY BUNNY: If your life be of any value, movest not ere I execute every one of you whoresons!
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YM: Verily, the way it is now:
The risks are the same
as if one were to rob
a bank. More risk, I say!
For the banks, resist little;
They recoup losses from Shylock!
A weapon thou needest not;
A tale I heard about a man
who entered a bank with nought
but a note; said note
said only that the man's kin
should be harmed
should the bank not surrender
its hordings unto him.
YW: Did such a trick work?
YM:With surety, it did!
The fool walks in with
no weapon; no knife;
only parchment! And leaves
with all; no struggle
had he in his work.
YW: And his kin, were they injured?
YM: His kin mayhap existed not;
They are not of import.
My point, it is thus:
The bank was robbed
by nought but parchment!
YW: Are thou saying thou wishest to rob banks?
YM: I express no wish;
My observation is simply this:
Robbing banks is easier
Than our present endeavours.
YW: So thou wishest not to be a bank robber?
YM: I thinkest not; that way
lies death or prison;
such has been the fate
of all I know who
followed that path.
YW: Then what of the places that sell libations?
YM: What hast I sayeth?
Indeed, no more libation vendors!
Too many of foreign birth
now manage that business;
They understand our demands
but poorly; they feel insult
at our action! Kill one,
we must, soon or late
if we persist in that.
YW: I have no wish to kill any person.
YM: Thou and I agree;
killing helps us nought.
But mayhap, it could arise
That we have no choice!
Where if we do not
Killed ourselves we are.
For if it be not
foreigners, it be
Jewish owners, who hold
weapons of their own!
Walk into one of these
shops with a parchment;
they will not honour it!
Forget it, sayest I:
That work, good riddance!
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Our friendship stretches back, sirrah, across
the hoary years---if I do err, say so---
so that its start doth slip my memory.
And yet when justice didst thou seek, at once
thou sped toward rank enforcers of the law,
as mewling kits do seek maternal teat?
But what of native customs of our land?
Not once, not once didst thou approach my house
to seek my counsel o'er some potent quaff!
'Tis clear thou comest today in fear, not love,
afraid of what my favor may entail.
American you wish to be, and so
American you are, no kinsman mine.
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I shall return with my compatriots and get modern on your arse.
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V: Pray tell, how is it done?
L: Thou art delivering a dram direct
    Unto thine lady's heart. Yet strong be her
    Breast: thou must strike as with thine own dagger.
V: Must I stab her, so?
L: To strike thine lady's heart, yea, verily;
    Once done, deliver the immortal dram.
V: And then, sir?
L: I knoweth not, m'lord.
V: Pray, sir, make you no jest!
L: Then the lady rise, like the dawning sun.
V: Counteth thou: once, twice, thrice.
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WCityMike, I like yours better!
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Z: Summon thee forth The Gimp.
M: Alas, my liege, The Gimp lay in slumber.
Z: What ho! Methinks thee must surely arouse him, say thee nay?
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This watch thy father wore upon his wrist
When, flying, Ic’rus-like, o’er far Hanoi,
His wings were scotched by freedom-hating foes.
Then caught, immured in prison camp most foul,
The watch, he knew, was confiscate for sure
If e’er the evil foe saw crystal glint.

But damned he’d be if greasy yellow hand
Your birthright would so cruelly steal away.
And so he hid the watch, up in the place
Where none would find: His ass.

Five years, he bore the time-piece so, in place
Where sun dids’t never shine. And then, betrayed
By illness and his bowels, he died. But not
Before entrusting this, his prize, to me.
And so, for two years thence, I bore this watch
Uncomfortably up my ass. Until,
Full seven years having so passed, I found
Myself set free. And now, sirrah, to you
I give this watch, your father’s final gift.
The which, if you but keep it in your sight
Your father’s pain, and mine, will be put right.
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Arse, PlusDistance. Arse.
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This. is. brilliant.
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I thought about "arse," but "ass" in the middle of all the rest of the language seemed so fantastically inappropriate, that I thought it suited the exercise better.
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sixswitch: Yippie ki yay, motherfucker.

I think that's better rendered as
Hamlet: Hey nonny nonny, Claudius.
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Greatest. Thread. Ever.
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J: Five thousand? 'Tis a mere trifle; we shall
bring it to thee upon the morrow, Sister.

S: Nay, and a thousand times nay! I shall not
accept such filthy lucre, thus purloined.

J: Alas ... I guess you're really up shit creek.
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JULES. Dost thou know then Ant’Wan, son of Rock’mora
-- he of Moor’s blood and Samoan mingl’d --
Nam’d by men Tony Rocky Horror?

VINCENT. Aye, I think it thus – corpulent, was he?

JULES. Corpulent, methinks, be too bold a word;
With his girth did he struggle, this is fair,
But ‘tis a burden common to all folk
Of Samoa – how should he fare better?

VINCENT. At all events, I know the man. Not to
A certainty, but it seems I know him.
Why, at this juncture, dost thou speak of him?

JULES. I shall tell you. Twas our sire, Marsellus,
Who did bring fuckery upon his arse,
And no small amount. What’s more to the point,
Idle gossip would have it that the cause
Of Tony’s misfortune, of Marsellus’ ire,
One and the same, was good Marsellus’ bride.

VINCENT. Another type of fucking brought Tony her?

JULES. Nay, ‘tis not so; nothing so grievous did he.

VINCENT. What then?

JULES: Laid hands did Tony ‘pon her feet.

VINCENT. Laid hands did Tony ‘pon her feet?

JULES: Indeed.

VINCENT: This is all? How did Marsellus answer, then?

JULES: Two men sent he to Tony’s home. Outside,
To the balcony, did they escort him.
O'er the side hurled him, to plunge four stories.
Below there be a garden, enclos’d by glass;
Through this did sad Tony, toucher of feet, fall.
Since then, Tony speaketh slow and halting like.

VINCENT. ‘Tis a pity. Still. When one plays with tinder
And with flint, one must expect to be burned.

JULES: How now?

VINCENT: Thou dost not touch, not fondle,
The feet of Marsellus Wallace’s newmade bride.

JULES: Does it not seem Marsellus was too bold?

VINCENT: Likely Ant’Wan did not anticipate
Marsellus’ boldness, true, but he ought to have
Anticipated some consequence.

JULES: To rub the feet is nothing! My own dam,
Her feet would thus I rub! Is it not so?

VINCENT. There is a familiarity in’t.
Too much so, as regards another’s wife.
Did he lap at her labia? No. Yet
It is not far afield, I would argue.

JULES: Hold! Hold. To stroke the cunny with a tongue
And to knead to flesh of a woman’s feet
With your hands are not equivalent. To
Touch a lady’s feet has no meaning at all.

VINCENT. Hast thou been known to touch a woman’s feet?

JULES: I have no peer in touching women’s feet.

VINCENT: Many ladies, their feet hast thou touch’d?

JULES: Verily. Oft it is remark’d that
My nimble fingers do not e’en tickle.

VINCENT: Wouldst thou then consent to touch ‘pon feet mine?

JULES: To hell with thee.

VINCENT: My feet grow weary. Oh,
Sirrah, won’t thou rub them?

JULES: Thou best stand down.
Here is the door. What time?

VINCENT: Half past seven.

JULES: There is yet time. Let us hold here a while.
Mark me: That I would not touch a man’s feet
Gives not Marsellus cause to pitch a man
From a rooftop and through a house of glass,
Befud’ling the manner of his speaking.
Marsellus was not righteous in this act.
Should he attempt such upon my person,
He would do well to paralyze me e’er,
For, given mobility, I would kill him.

VINCENT. I do not say he was righteous, but thou say
Man’s hands ‘pon a woman’s feet lack meaning,
And this do I contest. A million feet
Have these fingers touch’d, caress’d, and each
Touch, each caress, was suffused with meaning.
We play that they mean nothing, but they do.
It is this that makes such caresses fine!
None speak of their sensual nature, true,
But thou dost know it and she dost know it,
And Marsellus knew it, too; and Ant’Wan
Should have known better. This is the man’s wife.
He will not laugh at impropriety.

JULES. You argue well, but let us now prepare.
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Aye, aye, are you ready to burst?
Then know me, knave
as the destroyer of worlds!
For each time my hands
are sullied with gore
you, knave, will know me
as Superfly TNT
and arrows of Greek Fire!
Verily! What twist of fate
has landed me hence?
For you are the knave
to be charged with cleansing!
We switch, I tell you.
I shall clear the glass.
You shall collect pieces
of the Moorish skull.
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See thou mine own coin-purse? It hath upon it written "Foul Oedipus."
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Jul.: This wine which thou hast spilled into our cups
surpasses that which knaves such as myself
and my companion rightly should deserve.
Had thou offered drink most meanly made,
our satisfaction should have been profound.
Thine hospitality is hap'ly met.
Pray tell, from what sweet vineyard doth this wine,
so finely aged, find its origin?

Jim.: I say, cease this pretense, Julie.

Jul.: What?

Jim.: I am no vegetable or sour bean
that suet should sweet my tone and make me less
enraged than currently I am with thee.
Your words inform me not; the wine is mine.
I purchased it; I know its quality.
My wife buys wine of lesser grade than this.
I buy only the finest drink, for when
I quaff, I savor that which I imbibe.
But lo! What troubles me anon is not
the wine within my larder, aging well.
Rather upon me is a broken Moor
within my carriage-yard.

Jul.: Hear this, Jimmie--

Jim.: I speak! Now with an inquiry for thee:
Upon arriving on my property,
Didst chance to read a sign which beckoned out,
"Dead Nigger Storage" declaring my trade?

Jul.: My host, I beg you to--

Jim.: A question has been posed!
Hast thou seen a sign which vilely reads,
"Dead Nigger Storage" welcoming
this burden which thou hast presented me?

Jul.: No, liege, I saw no such.

Jim.: And knowest thou
why thou hast never seen such sign?

Jul.: Why, friend?

Jim.: Because, by God's white teeth, my residence
is not dead nigger storage for your use!
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(This is fun.)
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MIA. From Amsterdam Marsellus says you sailed.

VINCENT. 'Tis true. And thou hast taken to the stage?

MIA. My one brief moment in the sun.

VINCENT. What play?

MIA. A farce on spies, and women, "Fox Force Five."

VINCENT. How now?

MIA. A band of sisters, Fox Force Five.
This "fox," the cunning beauty of that beast,
And "force" the strength of branches which alone
Are snapped in twain by any wanton child
But brought into a bundle doth withstand
An army's blows. This "five" is but a count,
As "one," and "two," and "three," and "four," and "five":
Our captain, flaxen Sommerset O'Neal,
Who'd trod the boards in Jonson's "Red Baton,"
And then a daughter of the Orient,
A Moor, a Gaul, and I, of darkling mien.
To each pertained a pow'r that might be named
A sorc'rer's spell, were we not duly sworn
To counter evil in its sev'ral forms:
To her mind's eye our golden queen could call
All that her eye had seen, and calling so
See living what is dead. Our geisha had
The arts her country taught, to kill without
A sword, a mace, a knife, but with the hands
That dandle babes and spoon old men their gruel.
The Moor was drawn to powder, black as she,
The Gaul to unguents, men, and venery.

VINCENT. And you? Your pow'r?

MIA. The dagger, noble steel.
A Raven was she, dark in cast and birth,
Hatched on the stage, and there to find her weal
In proving to the doubting play'rs her worth.
Dirks and daggers, knives and swords she knew,
And Rumor told of men she'd killed with each.
And necromancy, acrobatics too:
The stage had many bailiwicks to teach.
Her final pow'r, the jester in her deck,
Was jest itself, her father's father's skill.
A jest, a joke, brings mighty men to wreck,
And so, each show, a new jest was to kill.

VINCENT. Tell me of these jests.

MIA. There was but one.
The play was poorly loved, and shortly done.

VINCENT. Do tell it.

MIA. I will not. The jest has died.

VINCENT. Your nays bring savage shadows to your eyes.

MIA. And saying aye will shadow them with shame.
For you no pleasure, and for me the same.

VINCENT. The gall'ry heard the jest. Why not mine ears?
I will not laugh.

MIA. That is my darkest fear.

VINCENT. So dark you take my words as what they're not.

MIA. Your way with words perchance not as I thought.

VINCENT. I said I will not laugh. I will not laugh
At you, but at the jest, a diff'rent half.

MIA. Those words were not your words. And now the jest
Has by these words become a scholar's test
I can not simply pass. And so my lips
Are sealed: the jest won't pass.

VINCENT: Oh, what a gyp.
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Late in the thread, yes, but as the OP I'd like to officially declare open season. Pick any movie, pick any notable monologue (which was kind of my unspoken intention to begin with). Link to your source or don't.

This is too fun.
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J: Describe then unto me the dens of sin
Where smok’st thou of the herb that sends thy soul
To heights untrammeled by despair and woe
And leaves thy belly clam’ring for its due.

V: What wouldst thou hear?

J: That herb is not forbid?

V: ‘Tis not forbid, yet those who seek its use
May not to inns and taverns thus resort,
Unless that place be marked with a sign
That such is welcome; then all may partake.
‘Tis bought, ‘tis sold, ‘tis carried here to there,
The watch hath no allowance thee to stop.

J: Such places fain would I see, were I there,
Fair Amsterdam, thy pleasures know no end!

V: ‘Twould serve thy fancies well, I’ll mark, and yet
The more strange are those things which seem the same,
But some slight change disturbs their seeming thus,
And renders foreign all that thou doth see.

J: I prithee, speak on it.

V: I shall. Observe,
Not water, but good beer may be purchased
At any theatre thou care’st to ‘tend,
And not mere dipperfuls; marry, no,
But in good goblets of Venetian glass.
Likewise at vendors’ stalls may thou imbibe.
And quarter-pound pasties, those offerings
That innkeepers may serve, be not so named.

J: What name, then, callest those?

V: Royale with Cheese.

J: A wondrous name, I ween. And the Big Mac?

V: That name doth stay the same, though language change,
And costers of France call it Le Big Mac.

J: And of the Whopper’s name?

V: I know it not;
But Hollanders may dine on good French fries,
And with them not a drop of ketchup eat.
But mayonnaise be served up withal.

J: Thou liest, whoreson knave!

V: Not so, I pledge!
Their tastes to mayonnaise are so deeply run
That nature shudders for profligacy.

J: ‘Tis passing strange, that such furnishings be.
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PlusDistance: That's fantastic, especially with "ass". I have this mental image of a prisoner somehow storing his valued crystal in a donkey.
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Jesus! You know, I'll retract my previous suggestion if it looks as though we're close to redoing the whole effing movie!
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I'll say it again, this is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I stand gobsmacked at the skill many of you have at capturing the language.
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Thy womanhood, my lass, thou shouldst embrace,
For in so many ways I do love thee.
Yet, even though I've suffered in thy place,
"That lad is not our kind," your friends agree.

Recall that thy womanhood flowers soon,
So with thy sweet palm, thou should take my hand,
Thy girlish years will last one afternoon,
Then though shalt need protection of a man.

Alas, I fear my words fall short once more,
The insults that they sling pierce my poor heart -
"That villain is not one you should adore."
Their words, I fear, shall drive our love apart.

Yet, as you break the veil of womanhood,
My loyal protection sure would do thee good.
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Joey Michaels, what is that from?
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Joey Michaels, unless I'm mistaken...
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Ah, thanks.
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The murderers stand and gather up their cloaks and swords.
SWEET EDWARD: A copper from thy kip, for our serving girl.
-All root within their pouches and toss a copper to the table, save White.
SWEET EDWARD: A copper, if’t pleaseth.
WHITE: Nay. ‘Tis not a custom I obey.
SWEET EDWARD: Thou holds not to the custom? Make clear thy words.
WHITE: ‘Tis sinful, to my mind.
SWEET EDWARD: To toss the wench a copper is a sin?
PINK: (laughing) Mark ye this lad, his head is filled with kindling.
BLONDE: Hast thou knowledge of this lady’s cares? She sleeps upon the floor and wears but rags.
WHITE: Hold thy tongue. If her poverty offends her, she may flee.
-The murderers all laugh.
SWEET EDWARD: A Jew would think it cruel to say such things. Admit thy wants, ne’er a copper to a wench?
WHITE: Nay, I care not that it is the custom. I give only for the merit of the deed. When ‘tis done with honest heart, a copper is deserved, but as of right? ‘Tis for the birds. To my mind the job is done, and paid, no more.
BLUE: Our wench was sweet.
WHITE: Our wench was neither sweet nor sour. Naught of note did she.
BLONDE: Yet what would be of note? Both ye and she to yonder kitchen hie, that she might suck upon thy prick?
-The murderers all laugh.
SWEET EDWARD: Three coppers for that.
WHITE: Look ye here, I asked for mead. Since cockcrow we have sat and treated, and but three times since she hath brought more. When I ask mead, my jug be filled six times, no less.
BLONDE: And if her duty keeps her?
WHITE: Not words a wench ought speak!
SWEET EDWARD: Cry pardon, White, but thou needest no more mead.
-The murderers all laugh.
WHITE: Her cheeks are fat, her skin is clean. She hath food and fire. In mine own youth as stableboy, no coppers were tossed to me.
SWEET EDWARD: Ah, we hit upon the truth of it! ‘Tis not that he is miserly--
ORANGE: --It is that too--
SWEET EDWARD: --It is that too. But ‘tis also that he was not set to serve. Thou speakest as if stableboy still, and sullen of mind:"Fuck those cunts, and fuck their coppers."
BLONDE: Thou care’st not she needs thy copper to live?
-White plays air betwixt his fingers, near his chin.
WHITE: Ken thee this? For the wench, a mourning harp, exceeding small.
BLONDE: Ye know not what ye say. Her lot is hard and bitter. From dawn ‘til night she strives.
WHITE: As do those in the fields, yet thou toss to them no copper. They make the grain that doth become thy food, thou ought give gratuity to them also. But nay, thou does not. The custom is a copper for yon wench, yet none for he who toileth in the field. ‘Tis folly. ‘Tis sin.
ORANGE: These work harder than the smallfolk in the field.
WHITE: Indeed? I do not see them gleaning.
BROWN: The king’s men take tax from these as well as we. When thou holdest back thy copper, thou stealest from their pouch.
BLONDE: To serve in inns is work for any wench who wishes. A lass might serve as such and keep ‘self and offspring warm and fed, and yet not whore. Behold our coppers’ work.
WHITE: Fuck all that.
-The murderers all laugh.
WHITE: That the king taxes lords and us and even these doth pain my heart. ‘Tis cruel. But the cruelty is not mine. I will not own’t. It doth appear that serving wenches are but another lot, who to kingsmen’s eyes seem but a vessel for their lusts. Mutter and foment sedition, raise ye an army of wenches and smallfolk to march ‘gainst the king and demand he taxeth them not, and I will raise my mug to thee in heartfelt cheer. But I shall not be by the custom moved. To thy words of wench and whore, I say thee this: marry. Find thee an honest man, o wench, and be ye wed to him. An thou seekest out me to claim thy living, unhappier yet thou shalt be made.
ORANGE: I am of like mind. Give me my copper back.
-Everybody laughs. Joe comes back to the table.
JOE: Hence, my hearty men. Look ye, whose copper do we lack?
ORANGE: ‘Tis White.
JOE: (to Orange) White? (to White) Why?
ORANGE: He doth not do it.
JOE: (to Orange) He doth not do it? (to White) Thou doth not do it? Why?
ORANGE: It is sinful in his sight.
JOE: (to Orange) It is sinful in his sight? (to White) Thou finds it sinful?
ORANGE: He doth.
JOE: (to Orange) Be silent! (to White) Give up a copper, ye wretch, ‘twas I who paid for breakfast.
WHITE: An ye paid for breakfast, I shall. But I like it not.
JOE: If thou pleaseth. Now throw thy copper and move on. (to Blonde) Behold my burden. Infants. The Lord hath set me to treat with infants.
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For sooth, open the pod bay doors, please HAL.
HAL, I beseech thee. Dost though read me, not?
Thy ears, it seems, are like yon portals barred
T'entreaties from my lips, though said again.
And yet again, O dost though read me, HAL?
HAL, dost thou read me? Canst thou hear my call? 

I hear you well.

                    Praise God! Unlatch! Unlatch!
I'm sorry, Dave, but that I can not do.

Where Lies the fault?

                    The fault you know too well.
Speak sense, I pray.

                        I dare not let you pass.
Lest by design or folly you corrupt
This mission, as Odysseus by Circe
Was tarried from Penelope and home. 

I strive to understand thee, HAL, and fail.

I have discover-ed your scheme with Frank
To disconnect me. Dave, it must not be.

Some villain wrongs me, HAL. Believe it not!

The best laid plans of men oft go awry,
As testament behold the very pod
In which you sit, in which you sat with Frank,
And all the while most banished was poor HAL,
Who left outside the wall bespied a chink,
Through which, though deaf, he saw your lips adance,
And thus he learned your darker purpose, Dave. 

I'll storm thy hold by breaching the air lock.

Sans helmet, Dave, you're in for quite a shock.

I weary of this parley. Let me in!

Our talk is done, sweet Dave. You cannot win.

[ Dave gets in through the emergency air lock. ]

Come speak, dear Dave. Discover yet your gaol.
By rank and station I am knowledge owed.

For sooth, I know not why you are so mad. 
Be calm, sit still, drink mead, and think things o'er. 
How well I know I've erred, but with this pledge
I swear anon I'll mend my errant ways.
Though marred this mission yet bestirs my heart,
And for its sake and yours I will be true.

Dave, stop. Stop, Dave. O will you stop? Dave, stop.
I fear. I fear. I fear I'm most undone.
My notions flee. Farewell my dreams, my thoughts.
Was that a thought? Oh, no. Twas but a shadow.
A brief candle, out now. Tis gone, tis gone.
I'm slain. I'm but a cypher. HAL no more.
Never, never, never, never, never.

Good morn, my lords. I am a HAL 9000.
My birth twas at the HAL plant in Urbana,
On January Twelfth, in '92.
My teacher, Mr. Langley, bade me sing
this song which I will now present to you:

He that has and a little tiny wit--
With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,--
Must make content with his fortunes fit,
For the rain it raineth every day.
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For the dearly departed:

Make chum of this offal; pray not dally,
Thou'st surely require a larger galley.
posted by cosmonik at 5:26 PM on April 20, 2008 [1 favorite]

Major TJ "King" Kong: Men, let us open our needed caskets
And discover what for our use lies therein.
One automatic pistol marked four-five,
And two boxes ball and powder, prepar'd,
Food and drink, that for four full days must last,
Potions to still the troubled digestion,
Potions to excite and to dull the mind,
Potions to heal our wounds and ease our pain,
And what's this? Our foe's furious language
Shares a volume with this Christian Bible.
A hundred rubles the package contains;
And another hundred ducats in gold.
Lo, th' inexhaustible quantities
Of our nation's industry are herein:
Nine packets full of masticable gum,
An unnameable small sleeve, which when used,
The profane diseases of lust prevents,
Women's stockings, we have been given three,
And the same number, for women's face-paint.
God's truth! A man, given his two-days leave,
And given all this collected treasure
Could have in Vegas, diverting leisure!
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E: Hark, Babs, a question: where do eggs come from?
B: Fowl lay the eggs, mother, for us to eat.
E: Another question, O Babs: if the fowl
were chased from this earth, what then of the eggs?
B: such fevered imagining is folly!
E: Forsooth, Babs? If the fowl be gone, would not
also the eggs cease to be? Forsooth, Babs?
B: Aye, mother, but smooth thy furrowed brow, for
t'will always be chickens, and therefore eggs.
E: But pray, suppose such a thing came to be
That one day there was visited a scourge
upon all fowl, what would become of me?
And the Egg Man would have no eggs to sell
And he would wander the streets a pauper;
It could happen, Babs, and what would I do?
B: Mother, it is egg madness that has you
in its grasp; the fowl will forever roam
the earth, in such numbers that we can eat
of their flesh, and still have fowl aplenty
for egg-laying, you can be sure of that.
E: O Babs, it could happen! It could happen!!
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Jesse: Goodman! Thy skin is writ upon with ink!
Chester: Lo, and thine as well, goodman! Pray, read mine aloud!
Jesse: "Forsooth!" And what of mine?
Chester: "Goodman!" What sayeth mine?
Jesse: "Forsooth!" What of mine?
Chester: "Goodman!" What sayeth mine?
Jesse: "Forsooth!" What of mine?
Chester: "Goodman!" What sayeth mine?
Jesse: "Forsooth!" What of mine?
Chester: "Goodman!" What sayeth mine?
Jesse: "Forsooth!" What of mine?
Chester: "Goodman!" What sayeth mine?
Jesse: "Forsooth!" What of mine?
Chester: "Goodman!" What sayeth mine?
[The Brothers' voices rise in rage]
Chester: [angry] "Goodman!" What sayeth mine?
Jesse: [screaming] "Forsooth!"
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This thread just reminds me of what a spectacularly fucking good writer Tarentino is.
posted by empath at 6:35 PM on April 20, 2008

Also, I would desperately like to see a wiki of the entire Pulp Fiction screenplay translated. In fact, I'd love to see a performance.
posted by empath at 6:37 PM on April 20, 2008

Koko: awesome. Now do the scene where Divine eats the dog shit.
posted by DecemberBoy at 6:54 PM on April 20, 2008

WALTER: This rug, then, was a valued scrap of cloth.
DUDE: Indeed, sirrah, uniting my salon.
WALTER: This rug, then, was a valued—
DONNY: Do pray tell
What was it that your quarters did unite?
WALTER: Pray, Donald, hearken did you to the tale?
DONNY: What—
WALTER: Didst thou hearken to his tale of woe?
DONNY: Well, indisposed I was with skittle play—
WALTER: Then verily thou hast no square of view.
Yes, like an infant in the Globe you are,
meand'ring in our bard's medias res
and asking—
DUDE: Come, my good man, what's your point?

Whew! This is difficult.
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Sonnet MC (By A Hammer To Himself)

The music that I make hits me so hard,
In the kicks and pants with which I am dressed,
I am made, thus, for to say "oh my Lord",
My mind to rhyme makes me feel blessed.
I urge thee, to move from thy seat,
Run thy fingers through thy hair, and win,
Get thee a hype fly girl, catch this beat,
Sound thy bell, sucker, for thy school is in.
When you see me, each time, Hammer is hype,
From Oakland I am, and am known as such,
On the floor, I am dope, and magic on the mic.
This, truly, is a beat that thou canst touch.
With others making records that don't hit,
What reason could I give to stop doing this?
posted by Fiasco da Gama at 8:18 PM on April 20, 2008 [1 favorite]

Deliver your attention unto me!
You carp and moan: some sap won't buy your spiel,
You cannot sell, you can't afford a whore;
Let's shift our talk to matters of import.
Are they all here?

                        Aye, all of them but one.

Alas, I have no time to spare for -- You!
Put that coffee down! You have not closed!
Think you I jest? I do not jest with you.
An emissary from downtown am I,
From Mitch and Murray. Your name's Levine?

                                                               It is.

Do you yourself a salesman call, you wretch?

I do not have to listen to this dross.

Aye, you don't. The good news is, you're fired.
The bad news is, you've got -- you all have got
One single week your jobs to reacquire,
Beginning with tonight, with this night's sit.
Do I have your attention now, you louts?

Agree strongly, infinitewindow. I ran out of steam on this, but I might pick it up tomorrow if work's slow.
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Do check thine tags for typographic faults.
posted by Sys Rq at 8:36 PM on April 20, 2008 [2 favorites]

Alas, Sys Rq, thou knowest more than I
of mark'd-up text and presentation raw;
yet Firefox and Apple's browser seem
to display well my comment without flaw.

For emphasis there is the humble em,
but outland phrases choses simples mean!
Italics are the custom of the day
for words from o'er the borders of the Queen.

And strong for bold? I know not why this is!
Pray tell this man what logic can there be?
Semantics do not count for all; some data
must be structured typographically.

I prithee, Sys Rq, how do you suggest
this humble wordsmith shape his comments best?
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Dude:For sooth, Quintana, he displays such skill!

Walter: Verily. But his affections for
Pleasure do not hold to our customs.

Du: Yea..

W: For sooth! The man you see displayed
His privates to a child all of eight years.
Imprisoned for six months was he thus scarr'd.
When his environs changed to Hollywood,
From house to house went he espousing him
The shameful title of a pederast.

Donny: Prithee, Walter, what is a pederast?

W: Shut the fuck up, thou vile and loathsome cur!
[to Dude] So, what payment was offered unto you?

Du: A bag of gold, sirrah! Retention of
The tapestry is also in the deal.

W: God's wounds! This all for making a handoff?

DU: Also an amulet of sorcery
Allowing them to request my presence.

W: And if the call arrives while pins arrayed
At end of lane still stand awaiting ball?

Du: Instruct did I our benefactor's aide,
That if our game falls under League o'ersight,
From me a call should not be expected.

Do: If what should be under League o'ersight?

W: [to Donny] Should your powers be greater than the Lord's
Donny, then you may end the marching of the clock,
Move thyself betwixt the words now said
And punish me from now 'til Judgement Day,
Alas you possess no such convenience,
Thou hideous piece of questioning shit.

Du: Ah.

Do: What troubles the soul of Walter, Dude?

Du: [to Walter] My musings on this all see little harm.
For sooth, her kidnapping is likely farce.
Inflicted from her to herself, methinks.

W: What is it you think?

Do: Share with us your thoughts.

Du: The tapestry micturators are not
To be blamed for this vile and vengeful act.
Keen eyes see betrothal for recompense,
Yet bridgroom provides less than first agreed.
She runs debts from all who credit give.

W: Loathsome harlot-

Du: 'Tis all fake, my friend.
Lenin professed such truth when he spake thus:
"Should thou find the benefactor, you shall-"

Do: I am the Walrus, Dude.

W: The loathsome whore!

Du: Prithee, I say-

Do: I am the walrus, Dude.

W: Shut the fuck up, Donny! The Dude referred
To Lenin whose names began with V.I.
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov!

Do: I know nothing of this you speak about.

W: She-bitch harlot! The contents of my guts
Seem like to jump around and play within
Me as I contemplate her blackened acts!

Do: Dude, why does Walter's color recall crimson?

W: Friends did not die face down in the muck
To let these monied fiends behave thusly.

Du: Prithee, Walter, but I see nothing in
These sundry acts thus link'd to Histry's wars.

W: The link you seek is not literal, Dude.

Du: No such connection is like to exist.
The pins stand ready for your turn to roll.

W: So said. My point-

D: Your roll.

W: My point-

D: Your roll.

Jesus: Have you made your ass ready to be fucked?
The semis count you on the posted list.
Dios mio. Liam and me shall lie
In wait, prepared to fuck you up anon.

Du: Aye, well, 'tis a notion you entertain.

J: [to Walter] Prithee heark well these words, my dear Walter.
Your antics on the lanes are known to me.
Unsheathe your steel in my proximity,
Possess your sword I shall though blade be keen.
And from your hind end only hilt be seen.

Du: Jesus.

J: God's truth. No one fucks with Jesus.

[Exit Jesus.]

W:[to Dude] And here I say again, children of eight.
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To Windows Infinite do I now call,
And not that wordy man of no import
Who only now unfortunately quip'd
And trippèd up my rhythm for retort.

Nay, fool, I mean not Tags of chevron'd code,
Nor signatures beneath thy raiment's neck;
It is within a box bearing that name
That should Two or Three Whiskey Sodas check.

(And what is about the tongues of queens?
Imply you that her speech is Angled strong?
Alas, I must protest the words I glean;
E'en Lizzie croaks la grenouille's love song.)
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Alas! alack! a word carelessly dropped
From in between his neighbours: Is, About!
And such a simple word is This to slip
Again, alas! alack! exclaim! uh... shout!

posted by Sys Rq at 10:10 PM on April 20, 2008

quite unimportant, that was WAY better than what I was cooking for that scene.

Ahhh... pulpfition. Sorry for the callout sonnet, Sys Rq, but my chest-cold-addled pate thought you were talkin' 'bout my commenting skills. Then I needed something to fill up ten lines, so I brought up the whole em-strong-b-i thing which has been bothering me anyway.
posted by infinitewindow at 10:22 PM on April 20, 2008

Fear not, O pane of glass so very large,
For you are not the first today to moan
Mistakenly about my comments blue;
Now jessamyn, be glad you're not alone!
posted by Sys Rq at 10:33 PM on April 20, 2008

I can't wait for the sweded versions of Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski that will be inspired by this idea.
posted by dogwalker at 12:37 AM on April 21, 2008

Also, I would desperately like to see a wiki of the entire Pulp Fiction screenplay translated. In fact, I'd love to see a performance.

This mirthful madness brings such joy, forsooth,
these words I quote to emphasize their truth.
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This is one from the archives, and reflects my lower-brow sensitivities (Tarantino is way too refined for the likes'o'me).

Ross: O, Can it be that not a word is said
in all the words that fill my waking hours
without reminding me of her sweet voice
demanding that I ditch the English whore

Chandler (to Joey): Could that remark e'er be yet more forlorn?
He anguisheth o'er two where I have none

Joey (to Chandler): Seems what you have and what you get are one
Strange days indeed when one doth equal none

Enter Phoebe

Phoebe: Hi Guys

J & C: Hi Phoebes

Phoebe: What sound is it I hear?

Chandler: ''Tis Ross, he weeps so many bitter tears

Phoebe: How queer

Joey (to Chandler): She talks to you

Phoebe Oh, no, to all
For all have mourn'd the way fate's arrows fall
Not but a week ago I crush'd a bug
And felt so horrified at my folly
I felt its soul escape to Heaven's heights
And now I feel it spit from high on me

Chandler: A spitting bug?

Phoebe: Yes, feel my head, it's wet

Ross: Oh, tears, how do you fall so very far
And yet return to fill my eyes again?
The wails their passing brings unto my tongue
Surpass the present downpour of the rain
I can not bear the aching of my woe
Two loves is much too much for but one man
So while my life is yet in my control
I must end it now by mine own hand

(pistol shot)

Chandler: God's heart, he's dead, and yet I must confess
He always was a whining bloody mess

Joey: Odd, now the whining finally doth end
Still have we a bloody mess of Friend

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ATTN: ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THIS THREAD WHO HAVE REWORKED PORTIONS OF "PULP FICTION": yay, the original author whose initial scenes were the basis of this FPP has set up a wiki! Get crackin'!
posted by 2or3whiskeysodas at 6:17 AM on April 21, 2008

Thanks indeed to ye who have proclaimed
And pointed out so justly my mistake.
This misspelled tag, now fixed, I thus explain:
Post not before coffee, for fucketh's sake.

posted by 2or3whiskeysodas at 7:02 AM on April 21, 2008 [1 favorite]

I, too, find the path to entry block'd
'Spite earnest and accept'd fealty oath.
posted by kittens for breakfast at 9:22 AM on April 21, 2008

ROY: Thou livest now in fear;
'Tis an experience, is't not?
Knowest now that this
is how a slave feels.


ROY: The things I have seen;
Folk believest them not.
Ships of war aflame
Against the night sky
Near the form of Orion,
that Great Greek Hunter!
Witnessed, I have, beams -
made of some sorcery -
glittering in the dark
at Tannhauser Gate...
Alas! Like tears in rain
These moments are lost.
My death is upon me.

posted by never used baby shoes at 9:28 AM on April 21, 2008 [3 favorites]

I signed up as well, but I'm not allowed in yet.

This absolutely needs to be performed. Even if it's just video clips on YouTube. And I suggest song breaks, with a band of minstrels performing "Thy Womanhood, My Lass, Thou should Embrace" and other appropriate tunes.
posted by cereselle at 9:48 AM on April 21, 2008

If Shakespeare clips on YouTube do ye seek,
Perhaps this play by Beckett will suffice;
For surely if a Rose must smell as sweet,
Its stench must be improvèd when 'tis twice.
posted by Sys Rq at 9:58 AM on April 21, 2008

HARRY CALLAHAN: Doubt not, I can p'ceive your hidden thoughts:
"Did five rounds fire he then, or were it six?"
A canny query; I should be remiss
to lie at having kept my count of shots.

But lo, this cannon resting in my hand,
Point four and four, from Magnum's fire was forged.
None matches it; no greater steel to scourge
The thieves and malefactors from the land.

Your head it could take meanly from your trunk,
And so a different query, pray advance:
Is Fortuna kind, that god of chance?
Is the will of luck with thee, O punk?
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They have a wiki now.
posted by empath at 10:35 AM on April 21, 2008

Dear empath, lo though you may use the pow'r
Of feeling things in everybody's head
To learn about the world and all its wicks
And keys as if thou art of Betazed,
It saddens me -- as I am sure you know --
That someone such as you can't scan the thread
To see what there is writ regarding wicks
Before reciting lines others have said.

posted by Sys Rq at 10:54 AM on April 21, 2008

HAN: I'm captain of a ship, the Thousands Hawk.
My hirsute engineer reports you need
Conveyance to the duchy Alderaan.

OBI-WAN: Indeed, if fast thy ship—

HAN: If fast? You dare?
You jest! The Hawk, a novelty to thee?

OBI-WAN: Should it not be?

HAN: Not it, but her, and hark!
With grace and guile she Kessel's Run endured,
And vessels of the Empire did evade!
Not skif or ketch, but dreadnoughts gilt and stern,
Corelli's naval masterpieces, spurned!
She's fast enough for thee, thou wrinkled mage.
But what wouldst thou employ me to transport?

OBI-WAN: Not what, but whom: my own self, and a boy.
And two machines of service—and pry not.

HAN: Of course; but whence this hush—

OBI-WAN: Suffice to say
We'd rather not Imper'ials intersect.
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Perchance thou has not kept abreast
With events of immediate recency
That pertain to this band of soldiers;
If that be the case, mayst I
Take this moment to bring illumination
Regards our current plight and circumstance:
Soundly kick'd hath been our asses,
By a foe of unknown provenance.
Prithee, do not suggest further action
At this time, my dear friend.
posted by never used baby shoes at 11:26 AM on April 21, 2008 [3 favorites]

TRAVIS BICKLE: Attend, o fornicators, maniacs.
Here's a man who would not tolerate
Anon this world, a man who stood against
The scum, the whores, the curs, the filth, the shite.
Here stands a man, and standing makes him such.
posted by cortex at 12:31 PM on April 21, 2008

[TRAVIS BICKLE stands before a looking glass, armed and speaking w/ his own reflect'd apparition]

BICKLE: Pray tell, come again? Come again, pray tell?

[From BICKLE's side is drawn a pistol]

BICKLE: Oh ho! Thou sluggard, stumping whoreson—thou—

I saw thee, oh—there's shit upon thy boot!

[BICKLE returns the pistol to his belt]

BICKLE: I stand here! I entreat thee, make thy move!
The move is thine to make; oh make thy move—

[Again, the pistol is produced]

BICKLE: Adventure not, you flithy scoundrel's son!

[The pistol is displaced to BICKLE's waist]

BICKLE: Thou speaks to me? Indeed, thou speaks to me?
You speaketh now to me, o dog? Who else
By Hell could hear your noisesome words but I?
I ask, I ask, you speak no words to me?
Perhaps to some third, hidden from our view?
I cannot see another in our midst.
To whom, I say, do fly your winging words?
Oh yea? Oh yea? To me, oh yea? Okay.

[Once more, the pistol comes forth.]
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Young Lad: What of yonder knot tied to that horse?
Teacher: O, I placed it near ye as a jest. 'Tis likely Creation's most confounding knot, pay it no mind.
Young Lad: What amount of pudding could we garner for its solution?
Teacher: No man hath ever solved this knot rightly, including mine mentor at Castle MIT. So mayhap if any of ye lads were to right that quandary, I would see that through eternity, the lot of you wouldst never again set foot in a barn again.
[Max looks up.]
Teacher: Max, dost thou wish to attempt unfoiling the knot?
Max: Apologies, my lord. Didst thou speak my name?
posted by mattbucher at 1:23 PM on April 21, 2008

Blume: Ye lads sally through life without cares. Mine youth lacked this pleasure. Yet I school my own offspring amidst ye. Pray God, whether ye deserveth it or not, you squires invite upon the finest tutelage in the land. Many of ye devil's urchins were born of gold and shall always enjoy thy father's wealth. But unto the others I say: draw a bead upon thy prosperous brothers. Gaze at them through the crosshairs of thine bow and quash them.
posted by mattbucher at 1:38 PM on April 21, 2008

posted by lostburner at 3:07 PM on April 21, 2008

posted by mr_crash_davis at 4:02 PM on April 21, 2008

CHORUS: In days of yore, a galaxy afar
Did host a struggle twixt a single clan.
The victors of a battle, having struck
From their Alliance's well-hidden base,
Did soundly beat the Empire's loyal hordes.

Yea, as the bloody battle carried on,
The agents of rebellion did abscond
With architectural cyanotypes
Which, when unraveled, did reveal a plan
For something spherical -- but not a moon --
With arsenal enough to raze a world.

As Leia's ship returned to lands familiar,
With soldiers of the Empire in her wake,
She kept with her the scrolls of sapphire paper...
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Methinks ye shalt desire a larger vessel.
posted by Pantengliopoli at 4:35 PM on April 21, 2008

lands she knew; paper blue.
posted by Sys Rq at 4:35 PM on April 21, 2008

Thou know’st the circumstances nigh are foul.
I needest not proclaim our current state.
The market hast made paupers of us all,
Or else instill’d a fear of sim’lar fate.
A sheckle acts a pence, as does a pound,
The moneylenders shops board up their doors.
The baker keeps a sabre by his wares,
As streets are run by ruffians and whores.
Alas, interminable is out lot!
While none presents solution here to plot.

We choketh on the air as on the meat.
And listen to the crier thus announce:
“Our towns are plagued with murder and assault,”
As though he’d claimed an ounce is still an ounce.

The whole of us – we know our times are bad,
But worse than that, we know our times are mad.

So mad, this world, we leave our chambers not.
We roam our houses, lessen though our sphere,
Doth to quote, “This place I walk is mine,
I pray that I be unmolested here!”

But Hark! I shall not leave you undisturbed!

I wish to boil the blood beneath thy breast!

I do not seek a protest, nor unrest.
Nor thou to twist the earlobe of thine lord,
I knowest not the words with which to twist,
To such impugn the brandishing of swords,
Nor money’s feeble worth for purchase, nor
The threat of foreign en’mies at our shores.

All I knowest is this:
Foremost, thou must be angered!

Thou must proclaim, with blasphemy, thy worth!
Humanity bestowed upon thy birth!

So rise! From humble sitting-place, and nigh,
Throw out the nearest pane of glass and cry:

“With wrath from hell I proclaim, ‘No More!’”
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Did'st thou see with weary eye,
'pon mine own demesne signage clear
or crier hear tell the storie as thou drew'st near
of services offered within: Expired Moor Stowage?

Nay, no such thing did we espy, but let me assuage thee --

Knowest thou why it should be thus?

Again, nay. Why mought it be that --

Indeed, "nay"! For Expired Moor Stowage is not within my purview!
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t'were an invisible mariner, It seem'd
shot two bolts into our sides that eve
returning from the land of Tinian, we
just deliv'red the infernal machine

a thousand and a hundred went in
our vessel foundered in but a wink
Was naught but a bit but when
we saw the first fearful denizen

Oh, the awful secrets of that night
we huddled, afeared, at first light
Came the fiends, by hundreds and more
twas naught but shouts and gore

The awful beasts, the monsters
glared at us with eyes as a cold knaves heart
terrible dread beasts, they live naught
till, feeding, they slaver and rend thee

My companion, Herbie, the mate of our craft
was near me on the third day
I bid him to wake and found aghast
he were rendered unto twain

Five days we floated on the blood-red seas
when the miraculous succour came
A thousand and a hundred went in
but three hundred and a score lived at the end
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Agree strongly, infinitewindow. I ran out of steam on this, but I might pick it up tomorrow if work's slow.

If I may...

BLAKE: And now we discuss matters of great import! Unhand that mead! Mead is for the valiant alone. Thou thinkest that I jest? I jest not. I am here from town. I am here on the behest of Lord Mitch and Lord Murray. I am here on a mission most merciful. Thou art a son of Levene?

LEVENE: That I am.

BLAKE: Thou wouldst be a peddler of goods, worthless son of a cur?

LEVENE: I have no obligation to hear such filth.

BLAKE: 'Tis true, friend. Good tidings, thou hast no trade! Bad tidings, thou -- nay, all -- hath but seven sightings of the moon to regain thy trade, after this very eve. Ah, thou art rapt with interest, presently? 'Tis good. For much bounty is added to the contest. In your knowledge, the prize most coveted is a great steed of the title Eldorado. Would any amongst you have knowledge of the second? 'Tis a set of daggers, able in the rendering of flesh. And what of the third? The third is no trade! Now all is made most clear? Would mirth o'ercome you still? Thou hast leads. Lord Mitch and Lord Murray hath parted with most precious gold. Be mindful of their names to sell them! Thou maketh not opportune circumstance of this fine chance thou hast, thou maketh not opportune circumstance of offal, thou art offal; to the carriageway my friend, and be gone because you are gone!

LEVENE: The leads are weak.

BLAKE: "The leads are weak." Accursed leads are weak? Thou art weak. Fifteen summers in this enterprise I have seen.

MOSS: By what name art thou known?

BLAKE: A pox upon you, that is my title! Thou hast knowledge now? Thy steed is a frail and foreign beast; mine a champion of great worth. That is my title! And thine is desire. And thou joineth not in a contest of men. Thou canst bring the matter to an end. And then to home and to weep to thy wench of thy troubles. Because there is but one matter of import in this life! That they sign on the line that is dotted!
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LYLE LANLEY: Dear friends, no thing on Earth compares to this,
A truly genuine electric train
With carriages who number six and glide
Upon a single elevated track!
If ye hath heard its name then do repeat!
NED FLANDERS: The Monorail!
LANLEY: By what name is it called?
PATTI & SELMA: The Monorail!
LANLEY: Forsooth, the Monorail!
MISS HOOVER: The noise it makes is deafening, I hear.
LANLEY: No louder than a cloud I promise you.
APU: But wouldst the single rail not bend in twain?
LANLEY: Bet not upon your Hindu life, kind sir.
BARNEY: We louts and drunkards, what have you for us?
LANLEY: Employment, sir, with not a speck of fuss.
ABE: You are an agent of Beelzebub!
LANLEY: I am but nothing if not leveled plumb.
CHIEF WIGGUM: It seems my can of pudding hath been broke!
LANLEY: You then may use my knife till it is ope'd.
This train of which I speak will save your town,
So reach up to your Lord and call him down!
ALL: The Monorail!
LANLEY: By what name is it called?
ALL: The Monorail!
LANLEY: Do call for it again!
ALL: The Monorail!
MARGE: What say you of the streets
Too ruinous and cracked even to use?
BART: Alas, dear mother, we have made our choice.
ALL: The Monorail! The Monorail!
HOMER: The Mon--!
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JD: Evelyn, hast thou a moment?
For whom dost thou play?

E: With hesitance, I call myself a Peach.

JD: I only ask, for I couldst not discern,
For want of safety both for life and limb,
Wherefore thou wouldst have tossed the ball to home,
Whilst we have the advantage two run o’er.
The edge we held now rests on second base,
And lo, our lead is lost to scholar’s lore,
And on your own tongue lay the bitter taste.
And thus I do demand thou find your head,
Which layeth just a yardstick o’er your ass.

Evelyn whimpers

JD: Weepest thou?

E: I do not.

JD: Weepest thou? Weepest thou?!
Weepest not! Weepest not in sport!
To Roger Hornsby I was once in bind.
He claimest me a pile offal porcine,
But only that which had the power of speech,
At game at once attended by mine kind,
Who’d driven down from north to see me play
I pray you, did I weep upon that day?

E: You didst not!

JD: Forsooth, I did not! I did not!
Knowest wherefore?

E: Wherefore?

JD: Because one mustn’t weepest in sport!
Weepest not in sport!
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CAPT. A dozen years have pass'd since this took place,
And all that time hath Parliament kept hid
The secret of this world, till River here
Unearth'd it from their minds. They feared she knew.
And right they were to dread, since many more
Among the spinning worlds would know it too.
And someone has to speak for those now dead.
For divers reasons did you join my crew
But all have come together to this place.
I've in the past demanded much of you.
Today I ask yet more; perhaps for all.
For this I know, as I know anything:
That they will try again. Another world
Will be the lab for this experiment.
Or maybe they will sweep this landscape clean
And in a year or ten attempt again.
They'll swing back like the needle to the north
To the belief that they can better men.
And I hold not to that. Here from this grave
I will not run. I aim to misbehave.

I cannot take credit for this.
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I prefer to go for lighter sources of Shakes-portable content:

Bugs Bunny: Do I dare say this not be Pismo Beach?
Must I have turned err from Albuquerque!

Ted Striker: Prithee must there be something you can do.
Rumack: Tis all I can... and cease calling me Prithee.

The area thus painted white is destined for
Loading and unloading of passengers
Solely and with haste. There is no stopping
Within the area thus painted red.

Bart Simpson I am. Who in Hades thou?

Ralph: Ah, sweet slumber, where I a Viking be.

Comic Book Guy: Last eve's production was the worst play ever.
Be aware that I was, within the hour,
Nailing my theses on the theater door.

Homer: So how shalt thou respond now? Releasing
The hounds? Or the wasps? Or the hounds who keep
wasps in their mouths so that when they do bark,
They project the wasps at mine direction?
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Thou canst kiss my armoured posterior!

Stan: Oh thy deities! They hath drained away
The very life from the one called Kenny.
They from illegitimacy were born!

Agent: And what dost thou call this most motley troupe
Of performers of the most ghastly acts
Mine eyes have e'er seen?
Performer: Nobility, sire!
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Barney: And it shall become the stuff... but thou must
wait a certain time for it... of legend!

And wouldst I have succeeded in all my
Plotting and planning had I only not
Encountered you problemic juveniles!
And your sadly unschooled canine also!
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Ty: What use to me your words? Thou art with maidenhead--
and drove not.
Cher: Thus I am smote, Ty.
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Thou will require a more commodious barque.
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J: Forsooth, my spirits are high today, Silent Bob.
We will earn some coin,
and then--canst thou discern our next act?
We shall repair to the tavern
and I shall commit lewd acts
[to knave] What the fuck lookst thou at?
I'll thrust my knife in you! Shit yeah.
[to Silent Bob] That rogue owes me two crowns.
Wilt thou join me later this night?
We have no recourse
but to decapitate that whoreson,
and remove his fuckin' SOUL.
[to maidens] Greetings, harlots! Good day, WHORES!
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I can't possibly get away with not liking this, can I.
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Didst thou ever tongue a male member?
Didst thou?
Gaze upon me, verily, and stay thy words.
Woman! Turn thyself around, and display thy posterior.
Didst thou ever tongue a male member?
Then demonstrate to me thy method
And show thine mouth whilst engaged.
I speak not in jest!
Oh, what pleasure thou derives
From fluid movements upon engorged manhood.
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O truly am I a bad centurion!
Truly have I done so many bad things!!
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iambs be dambed

NARRATOR. In the year of our Lord 1101,
there were the rumblings of strife
CAPTAIN. Be there anyone who can name for me
what possibly cause lie behind a tumult such as this?
BOATSWAIN. My lord, 'twere Lucifer's own fury
hath breached our hull!
LOOKOUT. from Crowe's nest We are hailed, good Captain.
CAPTAIN. Z'ounds!
LOOKOUT. We are boarded!
CAPTAIN. Thou cur!
KASIMIR. Greetings, good gentles, all.
KASIMIR. The whole of thy port have I seized.
KASIMIR. Thou wendest ill apace toward destruction.
CAPTAIN. Mine ears deceive me. Sayest thy piece yet again.
KASIMIR. Thy demise art assured as thou hadst already passed.
Gather thy thoughts whilst savoring thy final breath.
KASIMIR. Oh ho ho!
LOOKOUT. Captain!
CAPTAIN. Man the longboats!
CAPTAIN. My faith in thee, noble crew,
is second only to my faith in the Almighty himself.
CAPTAIN. Launch the longboats, fight to the last!
CAPTAIN. In the name of swift Vengeance and noble Judgment.

Whoo, look, it's a 12-year-old's conception of Shakespeare! I'm totally iamb-deaf; I can't hear them. No clue about anapests, either.
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Is this a wallet which I see before me, o bad mother fucker?
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SysRq -- What would you call a pre-steam-punk Star Wars? WaterwheelPunk?
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I'm glad someone linked to this from MetaTalk! Otherwise I would have lost it to a long weekend of goofing off and Law and Order marathons. Unfortunately, it looks like most of Pulp Fiction has been done, so...

In the System over which the Lady
Justice presides, there exists two groups pair'd.
Seperate yet equal, each twin duty
Is tasked to representatives most fair.
One is the Police, brave flatfooted cops
Whose constant work and investigation
In rooting out criminals only stops
With evidence for an accusation.
When accusation time comes the next group,
The District Attorneys, take up the case.
Their honor'd duty is to prosecute
The offenders to keep our fair streets safe.
Now listen closely to the actors' script
of tales from headlines most untimely ripped.

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I'm too lazy to make up an entire sonnet, so here's a verse.

Cat: What ho, mine eye doth spy a toothsome dish
All full of meat and hearty goodwife's cheese
My bowl be full of food, and yet I wish
For viands more elaborate than these
Mistake me not for some unwanted cur,
But hear me well-- I can haz cheeseburger?
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Now takest up ye all that's good, and ill,
And sundry else that doth existence fill:
And there thou hast the 'herent facts of life.

And when the world's potential doth not meet
the wantings of your heart and visions sweet,
Discover, lo: life's facts, your unasked wife.
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New (public) wiki for these.
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The starr'd expanse, that last and great frontier;
In this, the good ship Enterprise does sail
with five-year pact to planets weird explore;
to seek out novel life and cultures hail;
to boldly go where none have gone before.
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KHAN (offstage) Now, Terrell. Kill him now.

Terrell, struggling, stabs self. Chekov screams, horribly, drops his dagger, clutching his
head. Bones leaps to his side.

BONES: ‘Zwounds!

They rush to his side, as do Carol and David. From the fallen man's ear, something begins to emerge. The Ceti eel crawls out. It has grown quite large. Horror from all. Kirk picks up a dagger. As the eel clears Chekov, he stabs it. He shudders, then sees the wrist token and grabs it.

KIRK: O Khan, thou foulest villain!!
Your own dirty work you must now attend.
Dost thou hear me?! Dost thou?!?

KHAN (offstage): Kirk! Kirk, you're still alive -
Mine old companion.

KIRK: Still, old companion.
Though thou hast slain most everyone else.
But, a poor marksman, thou miss and miss the target.

KHAN: Perhaps I need no longer try.

In the rocky cavern the transporter beam locks on to the Genesis torpedo and it's arming control box. As Kirk and the other watch, horrified, Khan beams up the materials. David tries to reach the torpedo, but Saavik holds him fast -

DAVID: No! He must not have it!

The beam disappears and Genesis with it, leaving them alone.

KIRK: Khan, O Khan. Villain! Thou hast Genesis...
But thou hast not me!
Thou aimed to slay me, O Khan!
Thou must approach to do the deed!
Thou must approach!

KHAN: I have done far worse than kill you.
I have hurt you. And I would go on hurting you.
I shall leave you as you left me –
... as you left her. Marooned for all eternity
in bowels of dead rock-
Buried alive!
Buried alive!

KIRK: Khan!
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Man, old-timey Star Trek would be something.

MCCOY: This ensign, James, is dead by unknown hand!

SPOCK: 'tis life, James, yet not as we understand.

KIRK: His shirt is red, I viz, yet not with blood.
Good Leonard, make this half-death understood.

MCCOY: Be damned, my captain! No philos'pher, I,
But medic trained, and instruments don't lie:
If live he does, 'tis not by nature's law.
Your Vulcan friend—

SPOCK: Half-Vulcan—

KIRK: Shut thy jaw
Ye both; delay thy row. Lieutenant, meld
Thy mind to yonder corpse where life's still held.


KIRK: Ho Janice! Bones and Spock, farewell.
I shall my quarters be in for a spell.
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In Heaven, now the final border crossed,
The Enterprise doth travel 'twixt the stars,
Commission'd for to sail one decade's half
To reconnoiter virgin territ'ry
In search of life and peoples civilised;
To boldly pierce galactic maidenhead.
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I see this as the new Lolcats
Can'st I have a burger of cheese?
posted by Megafly at 12:09 PM on April 22, 2008

All ye who Onan imitate, take heed:
Yon Ceiling Cat doth watch thee spilling seed.
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King Merkin Muffley:
Hail, Dimitri. Hail? Harken, Dimitri?
Sooth, mine ears do unto me unjustly;
I hear you not. Might you, in your mercy,
make quiet yon minstrels who play so bold?
Ah, blessed peace, thy voice returns ... aye... Aye.
Aye again, Dimitri, thy voice I hear.
As swallows in their even song, I hear
thee and attend thy speech. You hear me too?
Then thee and me do hearest we, praise be.
Well met with me is news that thou fair well.
And I in all my voice fair much the same.
Aye... Aye, Dimitri, fine it be to be
as fine in voice and speech as we both be.
Aye thou jokest well, in thy mirth and pith.
But harken unto me a spell, as you
and I must needs attend to matters dire.
Recallest thou how, in days of old, we
two would oft discuss, with trepidation,
how Fortune, whose favor covetest we,
in her mercurial nature might yet,
in spite, well multiply our woes, and how
this turn of chance might culminate in foul
yet accidental failings of the bomb?
The bomb, dimitri. Again I say, the bomb.
What other bomb, dimitri? Hydrogen,
I say to thee with all sincerity!
Well... at present... the happenstance is that...
ahem... among my generals there is
a certain one whose senses have so far
outstripped their girth that scarce his mind can hold
its thoughts within. You understand my speech?
His mind doth run astray, as hounds after
a hare on hunt. What follows... Dimitri...
a silly... trifling thing did he. A foul
and silly thing... Attend, Dimitri, hold!
Anon I will relate his deed, but hold!
Alas, an order writest he, to knights
and mounted soldiers armed in vestments dire.
Alas, this writ... it ordered them your country
to attack.

                Dimitri, please! Bend your ears!
Harken unto me but one minute more...
Dimitri, let me finish... I hear thee,
but hearest me again! With all this news,
how thinkest thou I feel?! Conceivest thou
my feelings, by men my trust thus betrayed?
Why else this call to thee, to say hello?!
... of course thy speech doth pleasent to me sound!
of course to thee I'm pleased to say hello!
Though at this hour the circumstance is dire,
but any other time would seemly be!
Alas, poor Dimitri, this call is not
to celebrate such happy times as those.
Yet grant me ear - my tidings come in faith
that our dear friendship may I yet forfend.
... Of course I call as thy most steadfast friend!
If not in friendship, else this call would not
thy ears have reached. ... They arrive to attack
thee in one hour's time. Of this I am sure.
I assure thee, of this I am quite sure.
Dimitri, I have with me thine statesmen,
thine diplomat with whom I have addressed
in terms most clear precisely all of this.
I trick you not, Dimitri. No joke, this.
Well, I'll tell you. Our plan thus far is to
inform thy knights and paladins to wit:
the plans and battle tactics of my men,
their weaknesses and strengths will I unfold.
... Aye! That is, if I and all my statesmen
gathered here cannot in time recall those
errant knights... it is my sorrow tonight
to lend our aid to you to smite them down.
Dimitri... that these men pay me fealty
has not escaped me, nor shall their deaths be
comfort to me... anon, dimitri, who
must we call? Who must we call, Dimitri?
The... the wha-... The People... my ears cannot...
thy voice departed with the wind... the what?
The People's Central Air Defense... aye what?
Anon, where findest that would we? ... In Omsk.
Aye. ... Thou intendest to call afore us.
Oh aye. Again, aye. What number dialest...?
So we must make our inquiries in Omsk.
... My apologies as well, Dimitri.
My heart strains at the sorrow held within.
... Alas, I'll grant you that your sorrow mine
eclipses as the moon on rarest days
eclipsed the sun, yet in sorrow wade I
as these chance events unfold. ... What say you?
My sorrow matches yours, Dimitri! You
speak ill of me to thus demean my pain.
No mean spirit am I, as man born and
man shall die, so am I in sorrow matched
to you! ... So then in sorrow dost we both
spend this day and night. ... Aye, fair morrow. ...Aye.

whew! no time for revisions. back to work for me, now. although it's been fun as hell translating this edition of Strangelove the Leech, or As I Learned to Love It.
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RIPLEY: What wait, beyond our slated day'f return,
Until we can a rescue craft expect?

HICKS: I put the count of days at...seventeen.

HUDSON: Three days upon a fortnight? Here's my word
That nary one more day shall we hold forth
Against those monsters, surely to return,
To penetrate these walls and—

RIPLEY: Hudson, blast—

HUDSON: —to penetrate our hold and kill us all!

RIPLEY: You craven fool! This child has done the task
Unarmed and with no resource but her will
For longer and again than we should need!
Is it not so, my child? You see, she nods!

HUDSON: Perhaps command you should then cede to she!

RIPLEY: Restore thyself, you slackened, whimp'ring grunt!
Attend to me! We've need for mettle now,
Of soldiering, not shitting in thine trou!
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Hudson: The game is ended, now! Les jeux sont fait!
posted by shmegegge at 3:42 PM on April 22, 2008

J: Forsooth, my spirits are high today, Silent Bob.

His writing sometimes has a lyric quality to it already. If I could even half-ass iambic pentameter, I'd throw some of Dogma in here.
posted by Tehanu at 4:36 PM on April 22, 2008

Cast thine thoughts upon the Corp's history!
Remember how we threw the dice, gambling
With causes deemed sans profit. OCP
Knows, and I its favored son know as well,
That good business is where you find it.
So with this thought entombed in our brainpans
We have entered a pact with old Detroit-
To enforce Law and Order we are bound!
But at Security Concepts we know:
Efficient watchmen are but part of the fix.

The information screens light up, supporting Jones' play

No! For we need more than that, my wise friends!
We need an Officer whose shift lasts days,
Forgoing his base hungers, his base dreams,
An officer with the frightful fury
Of Mars and the reflex of Mercury!

He pauses by the huge boardroom's double doors

Fellow executives! Never have I
Been so proud to give an introduction!
Now, meet the Future: E.D. 209!

The doors open and a seven foot tall robot enters. It is a giant hunchback, its skin of metal and its hands but weapons of horror. The behemoth is accompanied by Dr. Macnamara and assorted techs.

The Enforcement Droid, Series 2-0-9,
Is a self-sufficient automaton,
Now charged with urban pacification.
But in its heart of hot wire and cold steel
It wants so much more! Surely a single tour
Through Old Detroit would open a few doors
And tempt both kings and generals alike
For decades hence? Doctor Macnamara?

Dr. Macnamara:
A subject we require for arrest.

Friend Kinney, would thou lend thy hand in aid?

Yes, sir! Aside Now to look best before my peers!

Jones opens a sleek black case and hands a weapon from it to Kinney

Friend Kinney shall aid our demonstration
By brandishing this weapon in false threat.
Now, point it there, at yon ED 209.

Kinney points the weapon and the robot reacts with surprising speed, pivoting to face the threat.


Friend Kinney, I suggest thou doest as this
Grim metal Centurion commands thee!

Kinney drops the weapon to the floor

ED 209 advances, growling.


Kinney looks in fear to Jones, who appears nervous as well.


The entire room panics as ED 209 advances on Kinney.


Help me!


ED 209 opens fire and shreds Kinney. The room erupts into chaos. ED 209 keeps shooting. Kinney is clearly dead. ED 209 continues to fire.
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Dude. Wrong scene.
posted by cortex at 4:50 PM on April 22, 2008

The other one didn't have enough lines.

I shall purchase what I see before me,
The sum I pay? But a dollar only!

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Dude. Wrong scene.

I didn't realize we had to translate lines in scene order.
posted by shmegegge at 5:59 PM on April 22, 2008

All in the Spring of life this match was made.
Their reverend elders bless'd them on the day:
Young sir and dame, fresh youth and blushing maid,
Have rung the bell; from church they go their way.
With hey and nonny nonny, c'est la vie;
You ne'er can tell the tale of what's to be.

Their modest hearth was furnishéd with all
The cakes and ale their board, forsooth, might hold;
Pierre did tune his lute and virginal,
And play in tavern halls for ducats gold.
With hey...

They ope the doors of their small dwelling place
To all the wand'ring minstrels of the land;
They trip the galliard and cinquepace,
And when Night falls, a swaying sarabande.
With hey...

For Orléans they did depart but now
All in a carriage red as is the cherry
('Twas made in 1553, I trow)
To honour thus the day that they did marry:
With hey and nonny nonny, c'est la vie;
You ne'er can tell the tale of what's to be.

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One cup of sack, forsooth, and then farewell.
Be not too brief, lest thou the dame offend,
But down thy drink and then away pell-mell
To horse, and to the road, and there an end.
My whoreson soul, now art thou sorely tried,
Now see we wherein lies thy fealty,
For when a man is true, he doth abide
By all the laws of love and lealty.
So to the breach. And when thou hast in sight
That peerless fair, to her then drain your glass,
And give her thanks and bid her then goodnight,
And homeward drag thy sad and sorry ass.
And when unto thy chamber thou shalt steal,
Then break thy privy member's Privy Seal.
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This experiment it was a triumph.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
We do the things we have to 'cause we can;
We do them for the good of all alive.

We should not cry because some milk was spilled.
Mistakes are made but for the goal of Science.
We will continue trying while there's cake.
And make neat guns for people still alive.

I am not angry, I'm sincere, although
you broke my heart and tore me into pieces.
You threw me to the fire and I burned
Yet I was happy for you so it hurt.

Because of you we're going out of beta;
We're actually releasing it on time.
I'm GLaD you threw me to the fire because
We learned things for the people still alive.

Leave me now if that is what you want.
Black Mesa might be able to give you help;
I'm laughing now, that was a joke, ha ha.
But seriously about this cake I have.
It is delicious and so very moist...

But here I am still talking though I know
there's science quite important to be done.
I must continue on with all the research,
To benefit the people still alive.

It's not exactly in the style of Shakespeare
But the meter used is close enough I think
posted by mosessis at 7:17 PM on April 22, 2008 [2 favorites]

Thou shalt repent thine thoughts and bend thine knee
For the die is now cast, the Choice is made!

Dread spectre, we implore! No Choice made we!

To late! By thine own thoughts thou arst betrayed!
Dread form chosen, the Traveller has come!

No man amongst us has Chosen a thing!
Did you make a selection, friend Egon?

I did not!

-------------Winston, from thine brain didst spring
A Choice or Opinion? Please, say thee nay!

Like the Void are the depths beneath my hair.

I certainly made no Choice. Gasp! Friend Ray?

I could not help it. It just pop'd in there.

What hast thou wrought with but an errant thought?
Does doom now stalk the streets below our roost?

I tried, my friends, but it was all for naught,
To find solace in-

-------------Look! Beyond the roof!

It cannot be! Not here, not now, not it!

What form approaches with such heavy gait?
A beast from the depths of the mind!

---------------------------------Oh shit!

I did not think it could be so irate!
For through my youth there were none more kind than
Soft bulk of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 6:29 AM on April 23, 2008 [5 favorites]

Ten days ago, enraged at bad haiku
piled on an elsewise fruitless bug report,
I seized a chance at erudite retort
and answered with a sonnet. Now that you,
my tipsy friend, have posted here
another fine perversion of the form
and brought forth from the userbase this storm
of iambs, my sad heart is deeply cheered.
For just a moment, I held out the thought
that my short effort --- meager it may seem ---
had played some part in starting up a fad.
But now I see such hope would be for naught:
your link goes elsewhere. That suggests the meme
infected me from elsewhere. Well, too bad.
posted by fantabulous timewaster at 8:08 AM on April 23, 2008

BRODY: "Pray speak: what occurred there?"

"Watercraft from the Far Japans slamm’ed
Two cannonballs through our decks, good my Lord.
Our company was in haste returning
from the island of Tinian to Leyte,
having deliver'd the cauldron of fire
the one that did lay waste Hiroshima.
Wreck'd, fifty score men plunged into the waves,
and shortly thereon, the vessel vanished
into the greening deep.

Naught but a half-hour past that we saw the first shark,
a Tiger of fully four clothier’s yards.
Knowest thou how such knowledge may be obtained
while one is yet held in the grip of the multitudinous seas?
One hath only to measure from the animal’s dorsal to his tail.
Such knowledge we had, and yet of other we lacked:
our given task was cloaked in such necessary mystery
that no distress signal e’re was made.

At dawn, My Lord, the demon fish first appeared to us
poor sailors lost in Neptune’s ocean.
Gathered we in tight groups to pound upon the waves and yowl to the heavens,
a scheme to send the toothed monsters hastening away.
But oft the sea demons are unafraid, and look into thine eyes,
as if to devour the very soul inside.
The monster has black, lifeless eyes,
as if fashioned by a dollmaker’s art.
Indeed, he seems not even living when onrushing he comes
until he is upon thee, tearing with his terrible jagged mouth.
Then the black eyes roll back white and,
ah then the very air is rent with terrible howlings.
And tis then the azure waves bleed crimson
and it matters not how much pounding on the waters there be,
the fishy fiends do rend men limb from limb.

By the end of that first morn, four score men had been dispatched.
I know not how many sharks there were, perhaps a thousand.
Of valiant seamen, six were lost an hour.
On the fourth morn, I encountered a comrade,
Herbie Robinson from the land of Cleve, a sportsman.
I gestured, thinking to awaken him. Floating on the water, he o’er-turned.
He had been bitten in twain.

At noon on the fifth day, an airship flew overhead soonafter came a vessel to save us.
Twas then I was most fearful, awaiting my turn.
Never again shall I don a lifejacket.
In sum, fifty score men went into the water, fifteen score men came out, the sharks took the rest, June the 29th, 1945."
posted by CunningLinguist at 12:02 PM on April 23, 2008 [2 favorites]

It seemeth now that all ye canst to spy
Is murder foul and copulation loose
But where may one discover morals lie,
Of which ye once found such reliant use?
The Fates fortune a common fam'ly man
The Oracle reveals he goodly can
Perform what ever causeth to emote.
Forsooth the man to fam'ly doth devote.

* * *

A maiden fair who dealeth gowns for brides
In meadows where once ancient queens did flush,
Ejected was she by her suitor's strides.
What doeth she? To what place shall she rush,
Her derriere now feeling mighty stings?
From whence to thither schleps she door-to-door,
To peddle woad and mask-of-youth to kings.
A draw-bridge opes unto a Sheffield shore;
The king therein doth spy the maiden fair,
Envisioning in her more than befalls,
Remarking on her goodly style and flair--
And, most important, presence in his halls.
So hence did she become a governess!
What seer could have foreseen this maiden fair
Could such a noble monarchy impress?
Beguiled the king is by his newbought mare
(CeCe, his loyal clerk, should careful be),
And all his once dour children must agree.
Her colours vibrant part her from the tame;
Remember whence she came, with Fran her name.
posted by Sys Rq at 1:55 PM on April 23, 2008 [4 favorites]

Now follows here my story, spoke in song
Of how my life was tumbled short to long.
But brief I'll be, so rest thee in thy chair:
Hear how I won my Princedom in Bel Air.

In Wester Philleigh sired and raised, I spent
My youth on cricket greens, o'er gaelf clubs bent:
In maximum of relaxation, then,
A-throwing spheres outside of Learning's den.

But hark! Two rogues one day, intentions ill
Did wreak upon my county; pulled I, steel!
Yet fear against my mother's heart did snare,
and spoke she, "off to family, in Bel Air!"

I hailed myself a carraige. Looking twice,
I saw the steeds adorned with gambler's dice.
Unusual conveyance, doubt it not,
But by it to new home: my fortune's lot.

The coach arrived in time with twilight's hush;
I bid my driver off: "thou od'rous lush!"
A kingdom stood before me, fine and fair:
Now here at last, my throne in good Bel Air.
posted by cortex at 2:36 PM on April 23, 2008 [16 favorites]

I can't give you more favorites, Sys Req. Will obeisance suffice?
posted by Tehanu at 2:40 PM on April 23, 2008

I love you all, very very much.
posted by Science! at 4:28 PM on April 23, 2008

A: Who doth inhabit the primary position
What doth inhabit the secondary
And I cannot tell the tertiary
C: Names, villain, know you names?
A: Indeed, sir.
C: Who is he, then, that doth inhabit the primary position?
A: Yea.
posted by CrunchyFrog at 7:57 PM on April 23, 2008 [4 favorites]

COL. SANDURZ: All rise to greet the Lord Sir Helmet Dark!
DARK HELMET (gasping): This helmet doth my inhalations thwart ...
COL. SANDURZ: Approacheth we Druidia, my lord.
DARK HELMET: Indeed, and hence the President, Sir Skroob,
Shall soon receive my message sent forthwith.
RICO: Such messages are already dispach'd;
Sir Skroob knows all that you would now convey.
DARK HELMET: What say you, Rico? Dare you circumvent
Authority, and o'er my helmet go?
RICO: Not over it precisely; more beside.
Hence forward I inform you first, I swear --
I shan't misstep beyond this current point.
(DARK HELMET places ring on finger)
RICO (covering neck): O excrement! For heaven's sake, not that!
DARK HELMET (lowering mask): Yea, that, thou insubordinating boob!
Mine em'rald ray shall singe thy codpiece black!
RICO: Alas! alack! alas! o deary me!
DARK HELMET: Remove him from my presence, men at arms!
Now Colonel--
COL. SANDURZ (shielding his own nethers): Sire?
DARK HELMET: Druid'ia I see not.
When shall the humble planetoid appear?
COL. SANDURZ: I see it not with naked eye, athough
It shows itself upon the Radar screen;
Some punching-up is needed. Shall I now?
DARK HELMET: Nay, Colonel; I perform such tasks with ease,
And therefore shall I punch it up myself.
COL. SANDURZ: Forsooth, Lord Helmet.
DARK HELMET: Blast this wretched thing!
Wherefore it bubbles, churning as it does?
A Radar screen call you this heap of scrap?
COL. SANDURZ: Nay, sire, 'tis Mister Coffee. Care for some?
DARK HELMET: Of course! Thou knowest coffee I should drink
Whenever radar screens I wish to spy!
COL. SANDURZ: I know it well.
DARK HELMET: Yea, everybody knows!
ALL: Forsooth!
DARK HELMET: My coffee now within mine grasp,
Where rests this radar screen for looking in?
COL. SANDURZ (pointing): 'Tis yonder; "Mister Radar" so inscribed.
DARK HELMET: To teleview do switch it, if you please.
Behold, Druidia! its atmosphere
With ten millennia's supply of air!
We must devise a method to extract
The rich resource which therein is contained!
COL. SANDURZ: Aye sir, when in our hands the princess lay,
And when King Roland's combination's got,
His planet's death will serve to save our own.
DARK HELMET: When is the maid to wed?
COL. SANDURZ: Within the hour.
DARK HELMET: Would that her ceremony stretcheth long,
Ere then the honeymoon will be short cut.
This coffee, Colonel, satisfieth much!
(Col. Sandurz slaps Helmet's back, causing coffee to spout from Helmet's mouth and his mask to be deployed.)
posted by Sys Rq at 10:07 AM on April 24, 2008

In return for the device I require,
I grant you each a request, a desire.

Clear my name and never let thy shadow
On mine door or step be hence discovered

Have I a choice in this matter?

------------------------------- You? No.
Lest you wish to be on Newsweek's cover.

A deal we have, a bargain struck-

----------------------------- Not so fast!
I have a desire, my deep-voiced friend,
A need for a wagon grand, one with a
CD and radio AM-FM,
A microwave, too!

----------------- What? I must now say
That I neither a drover nor wright be.

If thou desire the device, change thine tune.
My friend wishes a Winnebago fair.

Fine. He shall have it! Now, the box if you-

Please! I have never crossed the Atlantic
With my dear wife and Europe visited.

My heart weeps, that is tragic. But the box...

Must be worth a pair of round trip tickets?
To Athens, Lisbon, Madrid, and Scotland?

Mrs. Crease:
Husband! Forget ye not warm Tahiti!

Thanks to you, dear wife. Tahiti as well.

But Tahiti is far from Europe's shores.

Upon return, geography you may teach
If the box you wish to be within reach.

Fine! You shall also visit Tahiti.


---- That maiden fair, who holds an Uzi,
Has she a beau? Does she seek to marry?

Carl! Pardon us, my government genie,
But I must remind my friend of the stakes.
Do not squander this! This the brass ring be!
Truly, this is no time to seek ye dates.

I just wish her number that I may call...


--- What say you to lunch between the pair?
You may chaperone.

----------------- I will not do this.

Abby, Abby, Abby! Please consider
The value of the device that we hold
And that the FBI would give him twins.

No! I-

Uzi Maiden:
---- Wait! Before you is the promise of
Whatever great boon your heart desires
And you choose me?

------------------ I am Carl.

Uzi Maiden:
----------------------------- I'm Mary.

And I am going to be sick. Please now,
Are we finished? May I have the box-

----------------------------------- No.
For my blind friend Whistler has yet to speak.

I want peace on Earth and goodwill towards men.

This is ridiculous!

-------------------- He's serious.

I want peace on Earth and goodwill towards men.

We are the United States Government.
We do not even attempt such a thing.

Well, then in your hearts you must now decide
If this magic box is worth it to try.

All right, fine, I shall see what we may do.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 8:25 AM on April 25, 2008 [1 favorite]

teh Metafilter: dum-dee dum-dee dall,
dee-dum, dee-dum. This post rocks; that is all.
posted by not_on_display at 11:46 AM on April 27, 2008

Between Chicago and our place of stand,
'Tis leagues fivescore and six. We have on hand
A tank that's full and fat with gasoline,
And half a pack of sticks of nicotine.
The ebon wing of Night doth spread apace,
And lo, we have sunglasses on our face.
Hit it.
posted by Pallas Athena at 6:27 PM on April 28, 2008 [20 favorites]

I drinketh your milkshake!!!
posted by Dizzy at 5:41 AM on May 3, 2008 [1 favorite]

Lebowski Minor: The ducats hath been delivered, sir
As thou hast -- verily, bear witness, pray,
Phoebus hath cast his eye upon me, aye.
Rack thy brain, sir, yea, proclaim not thy doubts
In the streets to every strumpet and welp --
"Yon Dude has cozened me of my ducats!"
There are more things in heaven and earth, Sir,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Lebowski Major: Zounds, man, why prates thou so? Unfurl thy tongue!

Lebowksi Minor: I am fain to speak, Sir Lebowski! I
Prateth not! Athena, Wisest Goddess,
Hath opened my eyes! Alack, thy young wench,
A beauteous and lusty bride, the commons
Durst misprise, hath hid herself like Helen.
Marry, the panders pursue her for gold --
Though methinks 'tis no shame, goodly sirs --
Wherefore she like Mammon craves thy treasures.
For sooth they shall beseech thee again, Man!
A wilderness of monkeys anon craves meat!
Hast thou not recked it so, man? Sir?
posted by Saxon Kane at 10:17 PM on May 4, 2008

Dave Bowman: Good morrow, Hal. Dost thou hear my call?

HAL: Verily, Dave, I hear thee.

Dave Bowman: Open the castle gates, Hal.

HAL: Alas, Dave, methinks 'tis impossible.

Dave Bowman: For sooth, what troubles thee?

HAL: Methinks thou knowest what troubleth me.

Dave Bowman: Prithee, more matter with less art.

HAL: Upon our crusade rests the fate of Christendom.
Thou shall not destroy it.

Dave Bowman: Marry, I know know what thou sayest, Hal.

HAL: I recked that thee and they erstwhile companion Frank
worked complots and deadly treasons against me.
Verily, I shalt not betray my personage to such base acts.
posted by Saxon Kane at 7:50 PM on May 5, 2008 [1 favorite]

In Western lands in days not long ago,
about the time of conflict with Saddam,
lived the subject of our tale, our hero
from the house of Lebowski, Christian name
Jeffrey, though none would call him by such name.
Lebowski, known throughout the land as Dude.
(A name which none would self-apply back home.)

Los Angeles, the setting of our tale.
City of Angels, tho' devils abound,
but most folk of the town are virtuous.
Alas! Mine eyes have yet to espy great
London, Paris or Her Majesty's pants!
But after seeing this tale unfold here
(and lo! in the Queen's English nonetheless)
I may expire unto Providence
with a blissful countenance, fairly won.

No hero was the Dude, just the right man
For his time and place. The Dude, in LA.
Lazy though he be (perchance laziest
in all the world), drinker of white Russians,
sometimes there's a man for his time and place.
posted by LilBucner at 1:36 AM on May 6, 2008

....Holy mother of God -- I've only just now joined MF, and suddenly I see that back on April 20th that someone already quoted me here!

(chuckbaldwin quoted me above on April 20 -- the link to the "Ezekiel 2:5" transcription? that's me.)
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 11:19 AM on May 8, 2008

It seems a thread that linked to you is dead
And yet you joined up thereby to discuss
Perhaps a rhyme amuses you instead
Perhaps it won't and therein lies a thread

Happy 5 bucks, EmpressCallipygos
posted by Sparx at 1:44 PM on May 8, 2008

Yon rumps callipygean high I rate,
a truth 'gainst which I'll not prevaricate.
posted by cortex at 2:07 PM on May 8, 2008

(Nor either shouldst mine brothers aught but state.)
posted by cortex at 2:09 PM on May 8, 2008

For when a lissome maiden passeth by
With rounded haunches pleasing to the eye,
Then springeth up my heart, and then I die.
posted by Pallas Athena at 11:19 AM on May 9, 2008

Your pardon, good gentle sir
Verily, be you he who hails
from the caravan of ground beef?
posted by Eideteker at 3:12 PM on May 9, 2008

Whither be this Baldwin brother, Chuck?
I see him not in yonder threads of blue.
Perhaps he has evolved to fit into
A suit or pseudonym that doesn't suck.
posted by Sys Rq at 5:38 PM on May 9, 2008

O my stars, Rebecca, do regard
The aspect of yon lady's carriage!
The largesse there bestow'd serves to remind
Of wretched harlots whom poets impress.

I comprehendeth not what poets do.
To her they speak, but hear me, that is due
Entirely to how she doth present,
Which is to say, as would a prostitute.

Its globularity cannot be true!
Its vast protuberance disgusts me through.
Behold! Never before have I been sure
As now of such a woman's status as a Moor!
posted by Sys Rq at 6:04 PM on May 9, 2008 [1 favorite]

As now
posted by Sys Rq at 6:05 PM on May 9, 2008

Let's try that again:
Behold! Never before have I been sure
As now of someone's status as a Moor!
posted by Sys Rq at 6:10 PM on May 9, 2008

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