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Nationwide matzo shortage! Competing theories offer possible explanations. If you get desperate, make your own. (Gratuitous youtube matzo themed video.)
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I swear, I was thinking about posting this. It's true. The Palestinian owners of the local grocery said "100 people asked for matzo today" and they had none. Luckily, our hosts last night were well prepared, and we went to a restaurant tonight that had a Passover menu and plenty of the flat stuff.
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Last January: the Williamsburg equivalent of a meth lab.
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Between the mishegoss at Manischewitz and meshuga move by WalMart (ordering vast quantities of non-KFP matzoh before Easter then putting it on clearance with all of their other kosher foods about two weeks ago when people needed KFP, not every day), I'm not surprised that more people in areas without significant Jewish populations didn't have to resort to making their own.

We were able to place our order and get the (vast, non-Manischewitz) amounts we'll need from our local kosher market, made regionally. Moral of the story, underscored when big box bakers and big box grocers fail miserably: support local business!
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Feh. You can have my portion of The Bread Of Our Affliction. Unless it's the egg and onion variety...
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Oh, regarding the Afikomen as a dessert: WTF?

If The Lord would have kept it from my sight, deyanu!
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How many times?
We're not going to run out of matzo. It's just going to reach a peak of production as consumption increases, then decline in quantity and be available only at an every-increasing price. It's up to us now to find ways to live in a post-matzo world.
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oi vey or sumthin'
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According to our local grocery, the distributor went out of business.

We had to get ours at Whole Foods.
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Last time I was in my local supermarket (sometime last week), there were mountains of matzo. Stacks of boxes taller than me.

I suspect that the areas currently suffering from a matzo shortage also suffer from a deficiency of good Chinese restaurants.
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I got the last single (non-5 pack) box of matzoh in my local Brooklyn supermarket. There were only boxes of salt and black pepper left (WTF?).
I really don't know what I am going to do without onion tam tams this year.
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I suspect that the areas currently suffering from a matzo shortage also suffer from a deficiency of good Chinese restaurants.

San Francisco, notsomuch. We have some of the best Chinese restaurants in the world, but yesterday Baghdad by the Bay (er...) was crawling with Jews looking unsuccessfully for the unleavened bread of their ancestors. The place I ate in last night, Firefly, has an excellent Passover menu, and was crammed with Chosen People -- the brisket and homemade gefilte fish with fresh horseradish are to die -- but, as scallop and shrimp potstickers appear on that menu, it's not quite frum.
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Any New Yorkers in desperate need, I have some. I'm already only following my most half assed version of Passover anyway* so I'll probably be giving up long before passover is over.

*I'm sorry, but asking a vegetarian to give up legumes is just not a nice thing to do.
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piratebowling: follow the sephardic tradition and eat all the beans you want!
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ah so this is a thing is it? I found one smashed box of KFP matzo in the wrong section of my kroger and thats the only kind that I could find in atlanta... It worked well enough for seder but not enough for the whole week. Oh well.
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Yeah - also last week there was tons of matzo around atlanta, so i thought i would be fine. Come to saturday morning and there has been nothing...
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