Anybody got a match?
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From Aircraft to Zodiac, from Tricks to Trucks, the Zippo Gallery has something for everyone. (Well, everyone who likes Zippos, anyway.)
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yeah - your face and my ass!
ok sooooo sorry, i just could not resist...
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The gallery doesn't seem to have any ZipLights. Y'know, the ones that were supposed to everywhere, like flying cars and robot butlers.
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"... Last year, Germans bought 50,000 D-day commemorative Zippos. Now that's marketing. ..." From Smart Dalek's ZipLights link.

I must own 10, and they all work like champs, including one which I've had for 40 years and used daily for 20. Still, nothing really tastes as good as the first benzene tinged taste of an unfiltered fresh Pall Mall.

I don't carry a Zippo regularly any more since I started forgetting to buy cigarettes a couple of years ago, but the one thing about a Zippo is that it never lets you down, inexplicably. If you put a flint and some fluid in one, you've got fire.

Loved the Vietnam Zippos pages, dersins.
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Well that was the most unexpectedly compelling browsing I've done recently. And I don't even smoke.
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At age 50, I am amazed at how the smell of a Zippo takes me back to the early 70's. The sound of one closing does a good job, too. Combine them both and I get a flash of being a teenager again.
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