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The Retroist is a veritable treasure trove of 80's (and 70's) goodness. TV commercials, catalogs, and of course the poetry of Mr. Leonard Nimoy. The Youtube channel alone is worth the price of admission-- Tobor! Diet Rite! Candyland!
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I wonder: when was the last time a board game was advertised on television?
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*cues jonmc to come in and tell me how lame this is*
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Hoping for a long desired glimpse of the Galactic Battleburger.
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There's stuff in here that looks like it's from the 50s and there's at least one "I'm Batman" reference, which I guess could be late 80s. Pretty sweet.

I'm trying to figure out why "tobor is robot spelled backwards" is supposed to sell me on the product.
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why "tobor is robot spelled backwards" is supposed to sell me

It's a telesonic robot, hello?
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when was the last time a board game was advertised on television?

I know I've seen ads for, at the very least, Cranium and Sorry in the not-very-distant past. Gotta say, though, that Candyland ad doesn't even try to make it sound exciting or fun.
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I'm actually kind of comforted by how few of these I recognize. Except Cindy Crawford turning into Rodney Dangerfield--I remember that one. Not with Kramer, though.

Also, I always thought this line was from Homer. I guess it was one of many references I missed. Or maybe Homer never even said it.
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I don't know that the Greeks ate meatballs back when Homer was writing.
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Fuck Friendly's. Worst service on the planet, every location. I don't know why you'd choose it over a diner, unless all you want is a Reese's Pieces sundae. The peanut butter sauce is like an orgasm you can eat. That doesn't sound right. But you get the point.

I got my girlfriend to take me there the day I had my wisdom teeth taken out, high on some kind of synthetic opiate, wearing pajama pants (she made me take off the fuzzy Eeyore slippers), just to have a sundae. Of course, I couldn't chew the candy, but damn that peanut butter sauce was delicious.
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If this sort of thing floats your boat, a buddy of mine has a ton of (mostly Canadian) commericals, public service announcements and station identification signals on his YouTube page.
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TV ads for Frank-N-Stuff hot dogs or early-1980s Crystal Light commercials is my litmus test for a good archive of retro ads.
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I had a Tobor. Picking up that little box was ridiculously difficult. Also, I was pretty certain it got even harder after I accidentally broke the antenna off Tobor's head.
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I just spent two hours being 12 again.
I owe you.
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I had totally forgotten about the E.T. board game! My vague recollection is that the game was unplayable crap, but it was fun just having an E.T. figure with the ghost covering and the cardboard spaceship to play with. The card game was much better. And I did love my key car.... Good stuff here - thanks!
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Hey, remember that time when I posted that link to the Retroist? Yeah, that was awesome.
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