Rockabilly Rundown
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Whole Lotta Shakin' - a PRI documentary series on the history of rockabilly, hosted by Rosie Flores.
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I so very wish I could get this as an MP3 download. I just don't have time to sit in front of a connected computer and listen to it all.

Maybe I shouldn't be so cheap and just get an audio hijack program. Or is there another way?
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I love Rosie Flores. She played at Bunker's in ManyApples, ManySodas and I got her to autograph my copy of her CD. Sigh.
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Oh wow, thanks Miko -- I too love Rosie (and used to know her slightly back in my musician days) and this is very cool audio
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I saw Rosie Flores play live this past January in LA. She couldn't tune her own guitar. Like, not even close, and she was using a pedal tuner. Finally, an impatient GE Smith tuned it for her.

Once she started playing everything was greeat.
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Apparently I'm channeling Tony the Tiger.
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Ohhh..thank you! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!
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Thanks, Miko. Looking forward to listening to this when I have a chance.

It's only relatively recently that I've come to appreciate Rockabilly: it's not that I actively disliked it or anything, but I guess I long considered it to be a bit of a one-trick pony, limited in its breadth of expression. Well, of course, it is somewhat limited, but, hey, so are a lot of other great styles and genres, right? And, apart from the giants like Jerry Lee and Johnny Cash, (who, after all, was pretty squarely classifiable as Rockabilly in his early Sun releases), I've found a surprising variety of relatively individualistic voices within the genre in some of the limited research I've done into the style.

Here's a relatively obscure rockabilly artist I featured in an FPP a while back: Wally Deane.
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THe episode I heard aired tonight, the one on the early women, was really interesting in part for the portrait of a music industry seeking its next big hit. They were so obsessed with finding a "girl Elvis" and a "girl Jerry Lee" that they took women musicians who had been doing their own thing, took them out of the dresses and hairstyles they felt were glamorous, and put them into ponytails and rolled-cuff jeans. Made one of them learn to growl like Jerry Lee Lewis, and even change her name so that her middle name was Lee, too. They had had music careers before their 'discovery,' but the record labels were so desperate to create a gimmicky image that they ended up forcing some of these women into a mold they really didn't feel reflected them. I can't help but wonder what would have happened had they just been given the resources to take the music in the direction they wanted to.
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Are you in my head? Timing on this is perfect. Hearing some Alvin Lee recently has made want to dig back into this cultural realm. Thanks!
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Love Rosie Flores. SHe has the perfect voice for this music. 'Cryin Over You' is a must song for any driving CD.
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Despite fourcheesemac's recent erudite dissertation to the contrary, the fact that this thread only has eleven posts whereas the GG Allin thread has over sixty is a powerful indicator that the average mefite's taste in music really does suck.
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Did I miss an erudite dissertation? Please link me!
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Look in the sidebar Miko, April 22.
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