Helsinki Zoo violence finally comes to an end
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Helsinki is home to a new baby camel, Snufkin. He is the son of 13 year old Voodoo and his partner, Selma.

His birth brings a sense of closure to a city in strife, torn apart by a senseless Ruminant/Ungulant feud over the past 15 months.

In other news, Turre the Octopus can open a jar with his tentacles.
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A friend of mine told me he went to go see the camel after it killed the arrogant donkey. He said the camel looked bored.

He also said the donkey was hassling the camel for a looong time.

And finally, the Helsinki zoo is pretty cool.
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I was recently shocked by another tale of zoo violence... 'superstar' polar bear Knut verses the carp.
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I'm a sucker for knobby-kneed animals - thanks for posting.
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Unlike most slayings that occur among the human population outside the confines of the island zoo, alcohol was not believed to have been a contributory factor.

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In retrospect, my attempt at humour is blocked by the seemingly inoccuous frontpage presence.

There is a moral to this story about leading with the good bits...
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The polar bear / carp thing just cracks me up. The Frankfurter Allgemeine news website reports that Knut "senselessly murdered the carp"...

Seriously? It's carp. Did they just say that with a straight face? Also, how does a bear 'murder'? That seems like it requires a certain amount of motive, which it's difficult to ascribe to something that's not human. Much less 'senselessly' -- I'm sure it made perfect sense. To the bear.

Just wait until they meet my cat; they'll probably want to throw him in front of the ICC.
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aww. baby camel.
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And he's named for one of Tove Jansson's characters! For those not familiar with these awesome Finnish children's books (all available in English), here is a brief excerpt featuring Snufkin, from Moominsummer Madness.
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Whoa, a bear killed FISH!?!? Unheard of, simply unheard of.

Anyways, you're all missing the point of this. The octopi have learned how to open jars. How long will it be before they know how to load the harpoon gun? NOT VERY. THAT IS HOW LONG IT WILL BE.
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I hope they never find out what Knut would do with a baby harp seal.
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Sorry for the caps. I am intoxicated by baby-animal love.
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Lord have mercy on my soul.
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I like saying the word Snufkin. Hell, I am enjoying myself simply thinking the word at this time.


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13 years old? Oy, what with the teenage parents these days.

You know this is MeFi, right? Shoulda put Turre the Octopus link up first, guaranteed FTW.

(Good post!)
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