REMembering Corky and The Juice Pigs.
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"Hey-ay pony, that's the wrong noise you're making..." A vintage MadTV performance of Corky and the Juice Pigs ^ parodying REM, back when they were ripe for it. Some prefer The Only Gay Eskimo. More on Corky.

Don't get me wrong, I love REM, I just love parody more.
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Oh, man... Corky and the Juice Pigs used to entertain me endlessly when I was in high school. I feel that Sean Cullen started to believe his own press a little too much, however. As a rule of thumb, funny people are funnier when they aren't totally enamored of their own funniness.
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I really enjoyed, "The Sean Cullen Show" that aired briefly on the CBC as well. His weird brand of humour was a truly refreshing change from all of the American sitcom garbage that keeps getting pumped out.
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Is there such thing as vintage MadTV?
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I never thought they were funny at all on TV.
At the time, I always lumped "Only Gay Eskimo" in with the whole awful Barenaked Ladies/Moxy Fruvous thing that was happening in the early '90's, which I loathed and still do.
But I saw them at Sneaky Dee's once toward the end of their lifespan and I remember laughing really, really hard. The thing about them is that they are way funnier live because it's a whole stream of consciousness thing that Sean Cullen does, which gets funnier as it goes on and as he searches for words.
I also really liked the bald guy, but the guitar playing guy was annoying in a "hey, I'm funny too!" way (he wasn't.)
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Watched "Gay Eskimo" while waiting for the other to load. It's the kind of LOLGAYZ schtick that was all over comedy in the 90's, and which never failed to make me angry and ashamed as a teenager. Humor-wise, it's the kind of thing that would be passably funny if someone came up with it off the top of their head like on "Who's Line Is It, Anyway?" but the idea that a bunch of straight guys sat around and put effort into writing it and thought it was hi-LARious just makes me cringe.
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On further consideration of this post as a whole, GYOB.
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I remember Corky and the Juice Pigs from when they were playing gigs at places like the Ryerson SUB, back around '92 pre-Mad "fame."

They were funnier when adlibbing than with their written material, and "Only Gay Eskimo" really is pretty cringe-worthy.

I really do like Sean Cullen's summer fill-in CBC show, "Simply Sean."
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Shfishp, I don't understand your need to compare The Sean Cullen Show to "American sitcom garbage". Would you have enjoyed The Sean Cullen Show less if the "garbage" you refer to didn't exist?

Without knowing what American sitcoms you're referring to, I still think your comment is rather odd. It's terrific that you enjoyed the show, but it wasn't successful: Most American sitcoms that make it to air run for more than 6 episodes. Most Canadian sitcoms that make it to air run a lot more than 6 episodes.

Can't you express appreciation for something without deriding the alternatives? After all, I enjoyed looking at Da Vinci's Girl with a Pearl Earring a lot more than I enjoyed looking at the ugly, obese Texan standing behind me in the crowd, but I don't tell the story that way.

Or are you by some means forced to watch television, even if you don't enjoy it, so that a rare enjoyable program is noteworthy specifically by comparison?
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> the whole awful Barenaked Ladies/Moxy Fruvous thing

When the my revolution happens, Barenaked Ladies, Moxy Fruvous, Hopping Penguins and their ilk will be the first ones up against the wall.
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This is very bad. It is not good at all.

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Oh man. Had that one cassette with Concierge, the Gay Eskimo, Truckers...good grief. Is there any place to get a digital version of that self-titled album? I hit up Amazon but no joy (unless I want to pay $99.98 for a used copy).
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Wow, that REM parody is stiflingly unfunny. And I thought that "gay eskimo" song was lame in 9th grade. And yeah, "vintage" MadTV?
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"After all, I enjoyed looking at Da Vinci's Girl with a Pearl Earring..."
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Not trying to stir the turd here, but unless you're talking about something I'm utterly unaware of, Johannes Vermeer needs a shout-out here.
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Thanks, Pecinpah... I was recalling an incident of viewing a famed masterpiece with a really, notably ugly lout behind me, and thought it was Lady with an Ermine. When I remembered it was Girl, I forgot to revise the artist's name.
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So, Sean Cullen is very funny (IMO) but Corky and the Juice Pigs were merely meh.
Sean usually does a summer replacement show on CBC or fills in on holidays when he just plays music and does his stream-of-consciousness thing, which is quite amusing. But yeah, this stuff - meh. It's no wonder they broke up. They won't be doing reunion tours like the Frantics.
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the idea that a bunch of straight guys sat around and put effort into writing it and thought it was hi-LARious just makes me cringe.

MadTV in a nutshell. It takes a lot of doing to make latter-day SNL seem really smart, funny and on the cutting edge by comparison, but MadTV has always managed it.
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I watched Sean Cullin's acting clips on his site. Even for a comic performer, he's an egregious overactor.
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ZOMG, I've been looking for this exact clip since stumbling on it when it first aired. Somehow I became convinced that it was Tenacious D I'd seen, which explains why I could never find the damned thing. Well, that's settled. Thanks, OP!
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* Carefully edits MP3 collection *

Yeah, er, I thought Corky was pretty, er, never good, amusingly, er, never funny, not all that always lame, er, yeah. So how about that weather!
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I saw them at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 93.
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adamms222: "Is there such thing as vintage MadTV?"

Ditto that, I don't believe there is.
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Perhaps vintage was a word bad choice. Try fin de siecle.
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I thought the REM thing was hilarious.

But then, I also thought Moxy Fruvous was amusing, too.

Guess I should meekly take my spot up against the wall, eh?
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The bald guy doing "flaming" things in "Only Gay Eskimo" is particularly...I dunno, what's the word for "I'd be offended but you're so lame that it's not worth the bother but still, I'd kind of like the opportunity to say scathing things to you to make you feel bad."
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Dear Comedy,

I'm not sure how to begin. I'm gonna just come out and say it.

Comedy. Desperation is a big turn off. I'm sure you know that old chestnut. But do you really KNOW it. You've probably guessed this is break up letter. But please keep reading. You need to hear this now before somebody really breaks your heart and cancels your show or something.

I think you've been trying too hard. WAY too hard. And that's kinda like being desperate, y'know?

Anyway I find myself laughing... but not in a good way. I laugh in that very uncomfortable "when-will-this-humiliation" end sort of way. And it hurts. It hurts me in my liver. This cruel laughter makes it so I can't make eye contact with you. Your trying so hard and all I feel is this stomach ache of disgust. Those over done eye brow twitches and funny faces and false pauses to milk what little laughter there is... it all comes off as... an imitation of comedy. You need to be your self. Not what you think other people will like.

So. Yeah. I've been faking it just to be nice. And that is not fair to either of us. I have to leave for a while.


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Musical comedy is the worst, I repeat WORST. And not in a good, guilty-pleasure way. Canada has a solid history of producing chubby nerds who go on to form comic-pop bands: Corky and the Juice Pigs, Arrogant Worms, Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, Moxy Fruvous, Barenaked Ladies...

And then there are standup comedians who write "funny" little ditties on subjects like politicians. Oh god it's horrible. Painful.



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I thought the REM thing was hilarious...Guess I should meekly take my spot up against the wall, eh?

Chin up and shoulders back, jokeefe. We must remain proud to the end.
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"Burn Victim Girl, I love you with feeling / Burn Victim Girl, you are appealing ... "
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The kind of cool thing about "REMember" is that it's very freeform — the various times I've heard it (here; on Corky; and another performance) just goes off on new tangents each time.

The various musical imitations in "Eskimo" had me laughing so hard that I was short of breath the first time I heard it.

Frankly, I love all the songs, but that's because I am a big fan of "what the FUCK?" surrealism. "I rode my grandma as a skateboard." And don't get me started on "Concierge."

Their Meatloaf parody ("Never Too Fat To Rock 'n' Roll") that they did on MadTV was hysterical ...
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Granted, Da Vinci's Ugly, obese Texan was a departure, but a masterpiece all the same. No one captured burger stain like Da Vinci.
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The REM thing was funny. The Gay Eskimo song.. god.. awful..
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I loved the REM thing, because the fat singer was so clearly parodying the postures and motions of skinny, bald Michael Stipe. And much as I love REM, they richly deserve to be made fun of.
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I must stand up for Moxy Fruvous. Sure they did funny songs, but there's allot more too them than "King of Spain".
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I gotta say, the Corky&JucePigs parody of Suzanne Vega redeems them in aeternam. Wish I could find it online, though...
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not funny

bad post
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Is there such thing as vintage MadTV?

I dunno, but either way it makes me feel old.
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No mention of Flight of the Concords yet? It's all the same dreck to me. Impossible to enjoy on more than one listen.
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The REM bit was funny but about four minutes too long. The rest of this... meh.
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The R.E.M. thing was amusing enough, but Thom Yorke's lyrics are more fun to parody. (I do like Radiohead. And R.E.M.)
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I've seen Sean Cullen perform at the Rivoli in Toronto and I think he's incredibly talented as a comedian. The musical stuff is meh, yes, but he's actually a very good singer, too... I remember him doing a "serious" song at the end of one of his performances and it was beautiful.
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I first saw C&tJPs at Glastonbury lots and lots of years ago. There were a handful of us in the comedy tent for their performance, but word must have got out as by the time they played there again, I think the following day, the place was packed. I've got to say, I found them hilarious back then and this stuff still brings a smile to my face now. More recently, I saw Phil Nichol do stand up in a grotty room above a boozer in North London. He was funny, relentlessly energetic, and yes, ended his set with 'Only Gay Eskimo'.

Incidentally, 'Only Gay Eskimo' is not, primarily, funny because of the lyrics, but more because of the parodies of other band styles that they fit in. The video in the FPP does not showcase that very well, but whenever I saw them do it live they'd do six or seven different styles and nail pretty much each and every one. They'd even take requests. I seem to remember a Portishead version being disproportionately amusing.
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