April 19, 2001
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I was looking at this flash stick fight, when I looked for its origin, I found this bit filed under "Western Culture". Is this western culture? kill, power, bad boy, child criminal, morality, abortion, alcohol, castration, hot or not, cleavage, gays on tv in America, indulgence, cosmetic surgery, and cyber-subversives? Like, zoinks.
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First of all, it's a Chinese portal interpreting and relaying "western culture," which comes off as a stereotying of Americana. The flip side is that if Yahoo tried to characterize contemporary Chinese culture, it would be a similar misrepresentation.

But c'mon, let's deal with the real point here. That flash movie is the coolest thing ever. The original link is here.
posted by padjet1 at 4:37 PM on April 19, 2001

This flash movie is turning up everywhere!

At the original site, there are two other fights. One is interactive, to a degree whilst the other runs in Media Player.

Both are brilliant.
posted by davehat at 7:18 AM on April 22, 2001

I can't tell what the "Western Culture" bit you were referring to originally, but there was a fairly interesting article about the parents of a murdered girl suing the distributers of Slayer's (crappy) music.
posted by sylloge at 8:07 PM on April 22, 2001

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