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Outfront is 15 minutes of radio, on daily, which reflects Canada through the eyes and minds of its freelance community. There's no host on this show … it's all about Canadians telling their own stories in their own unique ways. transom.org is another website that archives short pieces by unknowns. see also: radiodiaries.org, soundportraits.org, dc productions... do you know other sites that showcase interesting radio pieces?
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This may not be entirely on topic, but I can't resist any chance to push both This American Life and Joe Frank. They're both hour long mixtures of short stories and documentaries, real and faux. This American Life rarely fails to leave me amazed and grinning with hope for mankind. And Joe Frank drags you deep into his dark, karmic, twisted world and leaves you paralyzed once the hour is up.

Spend some time with both. Please. This is why public media (e.g. NPR) exists. And it is good.
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I'm too lazy to turn off the radio for the 15 minutes that Outfront is on so I've heard many of their offerings. I think I've heard two that were interesting - one by some guy who lived under a set of stairs at SFU while attending that school and the other I can't remember. Most of the Outfront material is very much of the "Me, me, me, look at me" variety. It does give you insight, however, into how mindnumbingly boring other people's lives are and what trivial things they put so much trust or effort into. It's really quite sad. The problem with community is that so few people have anything interesting to add.
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