Encyclopedia of Transportation Planning Strategies
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Too much traffic? Can't find parking? Choking on smog? Worried about climate change? Gas prices too high, but you still have to drive? Send your city planner a link to the Online Encyclopedia of Transportation Demand Management strategies.

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute was mentioned in a comment back in 2005, but not the encyclopedia, which is one of the most complete online transportation resources that I've run across lately.
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That's just cool. This is the kind of stuff that friends and I would discuss on long road trips. The irony escaped us as we travelled more miles in a day than my grandparents did in their entire lives.
posted by eclectist at 11:37 PM on May 8, 2008

Absolutely fascinating, salvia, thank-you. I shall bore people with stuff from here for years to come!
posted by alasdair at 2:00 AM on May 9, 2008

I wish my city had better public transport. The government is pouring billions into the current system, which has been sorely underfunded for decades.

And still it's not right. Stupid decisions and lack of foresight will ensure Dublin remains clogged long after I retire. They hold public consultations but I doubt they listen.

Transport 21 is the Irish government's page, part information resource, part patting themselves on the back for being so good at this public transport thingy.

Irish Rail Users disagree. Of course, the overcrowded and pitiful rail network means many just don't have a choice. Those who don't use rail, use the horror that is the M50.

(Apologies for boring everybody with this comment, but once I get started on a public transport rant......)
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Oh, how I wish my Trasportation teacher during my engineering degree had used this kind of resource, would have made his classes so much better.
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This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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This is just like the dinner parties I go to with all my planner friends. I don't know how our spouses and dates put up with it but I guess it's payback for all the internet strategy/start-up small talk I endured in the late 90s at every single party I got dragged to by my then-boyfriend.
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This is just like the dinner parties I go to with all my planner friends.

That's hilarious. My planner friends talk about stormwater and infrastructure these days. That's new enough to me to be tolerable. If anyone tried to discuss pedestrian bulb-outs or textured crosswalks or diagonal parking, I don't know what I'd do. Oh, we also make fun of meeting jargon since we're all in the process of learning to speak Committee.
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